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ser3 Lightweight 24v FFR Winterised


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After a little help from you guys as I know have the V5 for the Lightweight I bought that used to belong to Dale Prior (Read Clive's Obituary in previous posts).


Having met his lovely wife Alsion last week I am very much looking forward to getting this vehicle back in a roadworthy condition and see it as a tribute to an oustanding bloke that was a real role model to all us MV enthusiasts etc.


The V5 has the manufacture declared as 1976, but registered in 1992 so obviously demobbed in 1992?


The chassis number is 95104276A. I had a quick look around the seat base, but couldn't see the ID plate with reg numbers etc, albeit it was covered in an applied material over the aluminium base.


Any help in trying to establish which vehicle it is would help start the history trail for this one.



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Contract WV.11706




Code 1625.0778


I make the VRM to be 44GF74 (my maths) - but best to get Mark Cook to confirm.


Please explain the maths I am intruiged?? Also who is Mark Cook please?


Thanks for help.

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Mark cook is 1617 3100 and a moderator on the Ex-MLRA forum with his own Section ref.




Earlier trucks on WV Contracts (Wheeled Vehicle) - the Reg. Nos. normally follow the chassis Nos. on a full block.


Later FVE (prefix) contracts have a / and follow with a Item No. Normally I am not so accurate with these because it turned out such as 109" Item numbers can be mixed in with Lightweight Item numbers all on the same contract No.


Mark has done plenty of research and has access to printed off Solihull Dispatch records.


All I go on is trucks I have purchased - e.g. I have 1976 Chassis. 95104109A and it is 43GF07 , that makes you 167 trucks away (the numbers work like on a speedo head)

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