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Another Canadian Ferret


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Just thought it proper to post up some photos of a Canadian Ferret I purchased. Have picked up most of the loose bits and will be collecting the hull tomorrow now that I have storage space for it.


The engine runs, believe it or not. Will not play too much with it until I change the fluids and check the gearbox. Its been sitting for a long time. Disposed of by the CDN forces back in 1983.


CFR # 54-82540 (CFR = Canadian Forces Registration)

Hull # 321.B.3.4

WD # 35 BA 95


I assume the battery box lids are correct? They must be the correct early style as my later Ferret lids are completely different.


Should be a fun project and a fairly rare piece of Canadian Military History in civi hands over here!


Will post up some more of the loading/recovery tomorrow

















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Congratulations Brad, how did you ascertain the CFR for it? Have you emailed Colin Stevens yet, his email addy has changed.


Guess this is what you wanted me to call about.


Its a long weekend so you should have it finished by monday night mate!


Congratulations ya jammy git!



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Ha Ha,


Monday night may be a bit optimistic, I have to go to Halifax Monday so thats gonna set me back a day!


CFR Number is stamped on the right front of the hull in front of the antenna mounting boss near the edge where the armor slopes. Yes, have spoken to Colin about it, he has supplied me the WD number for her, but I have it at work. Will post it up soon. If I recall is something like 35 BA 60.


Good to know about the battery box lids. First time I have seen the early ones.


Once I have it pulled out, will take photos of all the CND mods made to her, there are quite a few.


Save me one of those screen stowage boxes!



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The Ferret will be a very rewarding project. With only a very few ex-Canadian Ferrets in private hands here in Canada, its makes the job that much more rewarding.


The trailer I have has done alot of hauling the last 4 years. Its rated for 14,000 lbs so has handled any challange I have thrown at it. I will say that a tip deck has its good points and its bad points. I don't think I would purchase that style trailer again for what I use it for anyhow.


Trailer deck is just a bit too narrow for my liking, I have about an inch to spare on either side when loading my Bren gun carrier. Can be a bit of a pain.

05.08.2010 001.jpg

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