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Hello to all... I am Jason , Louth Lincolnshire and new to the forum.


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Hi, i am Jason aged 27 from Louth in Lincolnshire. My background is in 4x4's mainly landrovers which i have been taking to pieces and driving for the past 10 years. Ive always fancied having a go at either a scammel explorer or an alvis stalwart but ive never had the oportunity.

That was until last week, when i landed my dream job as a maintainance technician and instructor at a driving experience centre. I now have at my disposal several alvis stalwarts i believe there is a mix mk1 and mk2's, half a dozen 432's petrol and diesel versions, a couple of bedford trucks, 2 chieftan tanks, a ferret and 2 x tatra 8x8s.

I have no experience with any of these vehicles so im hoping to use this site's knowledge to help me maintain the ones that are still working and hopefully revive the dead ones.

I belive that there is still one stolly with swimgear that is still servicable and a couple of the 432s do run. The other vehicles are in good order though so i will just have to keep on top of the routine maintainance.

I will certainly be having a good look throughout the site for as much help as possible as i am well out of my depth with vehicle of this size.


I look forward to chatting to you all in th future,

Regards Jason

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Good to have you with us. Welcome to the Friendly Forum. There are many very experienced friends on this forum who will be able to give you a lot of sound advice. You have come to the right place. Looking forward to seeing some snaps of your fleet.



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Hi Jason


Welcome to the forum. You will never be stuck for experts on here, whatever the vehicle :-)


I'd be interested to know the Mil registration of the ferret if you know it. I'm trying to keep a record.





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Thanks all for the warm welcome. I will try to get more details of the vehicles when im back at work on wednesday, another bonus of my job is i only work 4 days a week :-D.

As i say im new to these vehicles, and just walking into the the area where they keep there scrap vehicles i was shocked at the sizes of them as ive never got to stand near them before.

I will keep you all posted with the progress i make with these vehicles in the future, a lot appear too of been neglected over time, as there is so many and there has just not been the demand for them over the years.


Thanks Jason

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Had a bit of fun today! im currently sorting through the yard and had to move one of the 432's and load it onto a low loader. Can anyone tell me where i can find any registration details on the vehicles. Im planning on writing down as much detail of each one and then posting them on here to help keep records.

Heres a couple of shots of it before it went onto the lorry, sorry they are a bit poor as only had my camera phone and i didnt have time to take anymore. Managed to roll it straight on with the aid of the lorries hydraulic winch and some gentle nudges with the forklift. We were quite lucky as only one wheel had locked up and there is no engine in this one making it considerably lighter.




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