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WW2 generator identification


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I believe the photo is of a BSA 550 chorehorse generator used, amongst other things, for charging batteries. I'm looking for one, but first i need to identify it correctly. Can anyone confirm what this gene is please? Does anyone have any photos or info on them? Any info appreciated chaps. thanks. Simon


PS It was used in the back of 15cwt WT house bodied vehicles, but I guess it had other uses... Once I know for sure I'll put a wanted ad in classifieds.....



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Thanks Adrian and Tony,


I have one of the smaller genes, similar to that in the link you sent Adrian. I know that's a 'chorehorse', but someone else looked at the photo rcently and said it was a chorehorse too!! So that confused the issue....

So what is it?

I should clarify now. I'm after the gene in the photo, not a chorehorse!


Are you likely to be this way to check out the carrier, Adrian?



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