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Lightweight picture


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I would say that in UK service that it would be extremely rare to see such a set up, I won't say never as we all know what happens when you say that.


You might be lucky to find a unit that carried out its own modifications to satisfy a need, the one that comes to mind is the mods done to RAF Regt vehicles in the first gulf war as airfield security trucks. There were so many mods done during that conflict that it is there that your best best will come I think. The reality of a real conflict has a tendency to see the rule books thrown out of the window and an "I want to survive" mentality set in.


Just look at the sledges that were made up for Challengers to pull ammo with, it did happen, or the 24volt christmas tree brackets on some afvs. They did happen but few know if it. Only a photo will prove it.


I know that improvised AA mounts on LR 101 FCs have been seen for the gpmg but I digress.


If you wait another 10 years they will likely pop up in a book somewhere.



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The sand coloured one was on ebay ages back..... these are Recce Lightweights


Quite rare and often argued 'originality' but there is a guy on the Lightweight forum rebuilding one.









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