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  1. Thanks for the information. If someone has a lead for a R103A for sale, that would be great
  2. Mine is the same set as the one on the picture. Piet
  3. Hdello Ferg, it's the carrier and antenna I'm after. Piet
  4. Hello, I'm looking for info on the correct antenna and base to go with the R103 reception set in a staff car. Also looking for the steel case. Many thanks Piet Devriese
  5. THANKS FOR THE PICS. Hope you all have a good Sunday! Piet
  6. Those who couldn't make it overhere could do with some pics to feel the atmosphere:cry::cry: I hope you all have a good time overthere
  7. Getting popular in the scene:cheesy: Certainly pay us a visit @ w&p!
  8. Sorry Lee but I have to pass this year:-( :cry:Family matters Anyway, succes with the organisation Piet
  9. This would be something to go for:yay: Low loader is badged CRANE
  10. Any idea why it has written in Dutch on it?
  11. Thanks Guys! So I suppose as they are on the picture, they serve only to cover the lowest part of the vehicle. Piet
  12. Hello, I would like to know what the real or exact function is of the black canvasses (woven) you sometimes see on British vehicles. They are mostly rolled up and hang alongside the vehicles (as on this picture). Piet
  13. sabre


    10/10 for all the volunteers. Despite of the very bad weather, we had a good day out!
  14. From wednesday 2nd tot sunday 6th of august 2006, the Pierrefitte Castle in Burgundy and the BADGER association invite all military vehicle collectors for the commemoration days of the Fraichots resistance. On a 360 acres Burgundy estate, in the middle of the Morvan regional nature parc, all military vehicle enthousiast are invited to spend some pleasant days among friends. Tracked vehicles welcome! We have an arena on the estate and arrangements with French customs. info: http://users.telenet.be/badger.vzw badger.vzw@telenet.be
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