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Green/ camouflage MV's



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I understand that, but why are some vehicles painted in a camouflage scheme and some are simply green?


Gawd, this must be a really daft question if no one has gotten back lol :???






Most modern Military Vehicles are now just Green or Sand. They used to paint them Cammo a while back but then this painting regulation came in and you were no longer allowed to paint them in a unit, they had to go to ABRO to be done as the new paint is two pack. It all depends on Unit SOP's.

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Typically only vehicles which are deployed to the front line would be painted green/black, green/sand etc. So this would be most armoured vehicles, some Land Rovers and trucks etc. Vehicles which are based back from the front lines, or those which never leave camp or stay just in the UK are usually kept plain green.


Trucks, Land Rovers etc which are refurbished by ABRO are painted green after repair/rebuild so you can often see 'ex-reserve' vehicles for sale which are plain green. When the Land Rover Wolf was taken in to service in 1997 they were supplied with a paint warranty, which lasted for so many years. These vehicles had to remain plain green during this period otherwise the warranty was void.


I hope this helps,



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In Canada the last vehicle accepted into service in a multi colour camouglage was the HLVW (heavy logistic vehicle wheeled) which was built under licence by then UTDC of Kingston Ontario under licence from Steyr.


The vehicle has a very strict conformance on the cam pattern and the factory at the time cut magnetic stencil masks to ensure conformity to the reference vehicle that had been accepted.


Then the Somalia debacle brewed up and kit was painted white and shipped into theatre.


Upon the eventual return it was all changed back to a monochrome green and so from then on kit has been supplied in a single colour.


The baseline was cost. All the money spent in the contract for the HLVW fancy scheme was wasted and the powers to be decided that plain jane green is fine from here on in especially seeing how kit gets painted for various theatres and back again.


Damn bean counters at work!


my 2 cents worth




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I would have to agree that mainly cost is the primary issue


Also the supplier as if it was a bid contract vehicle A might have a more flashy paintjob than vehicle B and no-one could argue that military procurement is not full of ill informed choices. I would love to be an auditor of military procurement :evil:


Of interest in Australia, all the Army's base vehicles, staff cars, light trucks, utes etc were all painted green. Finally someone woke up that if you got standard coloured vehicles for REMF duties that they:


- were cheaper to buy

- easier to sell (given bought tax free in the first place)


We used to wipe mud on the vehicles prior to fancy paint

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