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See - You Can Take a Dragon Out of Wales

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After a period of rest in a Welsh field, a wee little Scammell Constructor some of you may know as Red Dragon has ventured out of Wales to the Cathedral City for a bit of TLC


It’s always nice to have a Militant on hand when you’re loading on your own




Loaded and on its way, just another 125 miles to go



After all those years in a Welsh field it’s good to see the rear bogie pivots aren’t sized



And it’s also nice to have another Militant to help him back into his new resting place


Unfortunately due to other projects its looks like we wont be able to make a start on the restoration until next year, but at least he is safe now and should be back on the show circuit again, maybe for a couple of the later shows next year.:D





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Fantastic news Grumpy ! I know at least me and another Constructor fan who has not been heard from for a while will be over the moon to see the old girl getting some TLC ! I know she's gonna look the business once you've finished and look forward to updates on your progress and seeing her out and about again when shes ready ! Good luck mate ! :D

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hi , if you need bits I know of an other one in a Scrapyard.


Hi Maurice,

Yes definitely need some spares, from the picture the radiator and driver’s windscreen would be very useful. Where about is the Scammell, you can PM the details if the location is sensitive.

Thanks Scott :thumbsup:

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hi , if you need bits I know of an other one in a Scrapyard.


Any more pictures of the one in the "scrapyard" ? I think that may be a 20t tractor with the C6 FITTED FROM ORIGINAL. What is parked next to it ?

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