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  1. http://www.belltent.co.uk/truly_portable_wood_burning_stove Er just but the silicone part if this kit and then buy or make a small wood stove....Calor gas bottles make great stoves........Simple,easy, and been done for years...
  2. A load of us had some seals made up for the Explorers.....rubber lip seals with a steel outer case..two seals in each hub....not sure if pie on ear is the same set up though
  3. I think the Scammell Register might have some ball joint rubbers.....I think Dave walker had some made but not sure if they will fit an Explorer..
  4. What happened there then? Main drive clutch come to bits and jammed?
  5. at this point i think it's time to mention that each hub is matched to its taper and the keys on that particular wheel station....and to jumble all the bits up and put them back willy and or nilly is to have a scammell that will shed rear wheels for fun....and the keys even have to go in their own keyway on each hub......they should already be marked up but its always worth having the center pop handy
  6. Here is a genuine Explorer hub puller and my home made hub spanner....the hex part was cut from some 1" plate which was then welded to some tube with a wall thickness of 3/4". I then used a fordson major rear arm as the leg for the spanner.....The spanner needs to be able to rest on a block of wood.....The book states there is no point jumping on the spanner....it must be hit with a sledge hammer on the arm to sufficiently loosen or tighten the nut.....which is why i made it out of such solid stuff.....I found it the easiest of jobs to do and managed to tighten up to the scribed lines with only a few wallops.....
  7. Whats the story about MOT's with these....are they exempt if taxed as historic....could you show me some more pictures....i fancy one but have never even seen in the cab or how the crane and legs work....post us some pictures please:cool2:
  8. The scammell heater was a box about 18" X 14" X 14" that fits under the the passenger seat right next to the gear stick....the heater pipes then run up the rear cab wall to a valve half way up and then on up to another heater box mounted on the rear wall...This heater is the widow demister pulls fresh air from outside and delivers the toasty fresh air to the screens and door windows via hoses clamped inside the roof.....I think the heaters were deleted on later contracts.. only the first contract had heaters, demisters and an insulated double skinned cab.....I have both heater units in the shed and might fit them back in one day but you never really get cold in the cab once you have plugged all the holes in the front fire wall....
  9. The guy who's wrecker flipped over is so thick someone had to tell him to go and shut the engine off....Dumb ass....oh my trucks on its side...i know I'll just wander round while it continues to destroy itself....Clever bloke..
  10. I hope your going to strip it down and give it a good going over Andy.....here is what the inside of my crankshaft looked like.....it came out of a "good running" petrol engine....the sludge had built up so much in the big end journals it had blocked on of the oil ways in every journal.......And those are the main bearings that came out of the diesel.....there was no rumble or knocking....the only sign was low oil pressure of 33 psi when cold......good luck....bang popity fut fut bang
  11. There is a whole book of jokes about Andy ever needing a user hand book for daisy the Glacier (lets be honest most glaciers have moved further in the last few years) Have you flung that petrol engine out yet and fitted a nice reliable diesel engine?
  12. You could just have the center plate re lined....and skim the pressure plate....Or do what i did and bung it all back how it is.....I suspect the need for a new clutch is all the off road hammer and heavy towing you have planned...I look forward to the pictures of her on her side in mud filled ditch with you stood on the passenger door grinning.....:-D
  13. Ahhhh yes....The mighty meadows petrol engine...That clutch will get some hammer when he's slipping the clutch cos it's popping and farting and spluttering......diesel power will be coming....just you watch.....maybe not straight away but sometime after it's popped and farted to a stop miles from home for the 5th time, diesel will come....:-D
  14. Mine has cracks in the face too....still works fine.....its a huge clutch for such a tiny amount of power....don't worry about it.....
  15. I wonder if attaching the knicker elastic to the rear of the tractor unit under the fifth wheel and then pulling the whole lot backwards and sideways at 45 degrees would do the job....Not sure if there would be sufficent traction or strength in the knicker elastic to drag the the rear wheels of the tractor unit sideways back on to the road though...
  16. could you please tell us all about it . I really fancy one but info is a bit thin on the ground....Is it a four seater cab? and how do the stabilizer legs pull out. what does it drive like...post some video too. I thought it was exempt from MOT due to it being a recovery tractor? You do need a HGV though?
  17. Ahh right oh....Haven't got a pressure gauge on mine, just a light that goes of a 3psi. I wonder if the flange is loose again or the bearings baggy, Its has to be the transfer box or output flange cos the front is disconnected now. Still have some loctite 660 left. Might pull it off and re fix it sometime......but thinking about it....why would the rumble be less when cold if the flange is loose? must be a bearing in the box.....hmmmmmm...
  18. Well i have now run the truck with the front prop shaft removed and i still have this bloody grumble noise....it seems to be related to road speed and is set off when running with no load on the flat....once started it will just carry on grumbling up hill down hill till i feather the throttle and stop it......The noise has to be from the tranfer box or output from the main gearbox as it can be heard rumbling in neutral and during gear changes.....So i have decided to go down the route of ignore it and let it develop cos i can't just keep stripping things down with no result.......The grumble is not too bad when its cold and gets much worse when the oil is warmed up....so i now plan to fill the transfer box with 140 oil for the rear axle (any thoughts) any thoughts on putting it in the gearbox? or will it bugger the oil pump ect..... Yours fed up, Rob.... Ps this bloody grumble is a new noise and unrelated to the whine which i have also decided to ignore............
  19. However when we get it wrong....it's quite spectacular.....I like the way the whole chassis cab falls of the unit at the end.... ouch... boom broke too, Cable ok though...... Something went wrong...
  20. Something went wrong... Found this recovery of mobile crane...Us crane drivers are a relaxed bunch you know.......no flailing chains or people stepping over "Dangerous" winch cables....
  21. OOOhhh another one with a Meadows diesel.....Enjoy changing gear and eating lunch going uphill....:-D
  22. well...seeing those bloke run the winch cable out has got me thinking i need to free mine off a tad......have to pull mine out with the landy......but then being an explorer with 6 wheel drive and all..........:cool2:
  23. Something went wrong... Runs like a good un now..... plan was to track it out the field..
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