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Advice please...


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Hi my name is Clare and I am looking to find a garage or other storage facility to commence the restoration of an ex military series 2a.... I can't afford massive amounts of cash, but currently don't have anywhere to start my next project! I'm in Preston Lancs, and just wondered if someone could point me in the right direction to find somewhere or post a message in the correct forum? The last one I did up on the road side much to the amusement of all the neighbours, it was a good talking point, but this one needs a garage :-)


I just wondered if anyone could help?


Many Thanks



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I seem to remember a large MVT presence in that area - maybe one of them knows of something?


The only thing I can guarantee is that a vehicle, no matter how small when in one piece, takes up several times that size when you start dismantling.


My tiny K-38 trailer, about as small as you can get in this hobby, is still taking up lots of space.








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Thanks all, I'll keep looking! I looked at local council garages, but came to the conclusion that they were just too small to actually use for my purposes!


Might put an add in Morrisons or just go and harass local farmers he he :-D


Hopefully I'll find somewhere soon :)



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