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Introduction from Alicante, Spain. Searching for a drawing of the FWD model B.


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Hi, Friends:

Firstly, excuse me for my english, I Don't speak very well. I'm a Scrachbuilder modeler, view my page at http://plasticllero2.iespana.es/, Sorry, in Spanish.

My name is Julio, an after read various articles in "Military Machines International" about the trucks in WWI, specially the FWD, I'm interesed in draw a modeler plan for the FWD model B and scarchtbuil one in plasticard in 1/24 scale.

Can anyone help me with an original plan? I only have the drawing for the "Landships" site draw by Ken Musgrave in 1986.

Thank You all.

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Hello Julio.


Welcome to the forum! I have had a look at your website and your models are beautiful! I am sorry that I have no Spanish.


I have a drawing which was published in Old Motor magazine many years ago. It is of the chassis and engine only although the chassis is destined for a US Army body. I will send it to you as a personal message. If you need any more information, let me know. Here is our FWD!




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