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Hi all my first go at this forum lark i am mainly interested in the r.a.f around the 1980,s I served in the r.a.f fire service some of the vehicles i worked with were the thornycroft mks 7 and 9 dp2,s tacr1 and 2 and the mk 8 i have fond memorys of the mk9 the best vehicle i ever worked on they were the main crash vehicle when i left in the late 80,s allthough the mk 10 and 11,s were coming in but give me a mk9 anyday alltough the ones i worked with were all toned down it was still an impressive wagon a great pumping vehicle reliable and easy to use. i also had a stint on the queens flight if anyone has any pics when they were based at Benson. i would love to see some of the vehicles in the flesh again if anyone knows were fhe museums are, look forward to your replies and hope to post some pics regasds Paul.

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HI Christian yes i did my trade training at r.a.f Carrerick which was for about 12 weeks from what i can remember allthough it was part of the raf regiment we were the fire fighting and special safety squadron, our commisioned officers were rockapes and that was my introduction to the mk9 crash truck.

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welcome Paul,


I to am interested in RAF 1980's, I am a member of Forces80 reenactment group, my forte is RockApe


I also have a fotopic site, look under more collections on my site, some RAF fire piccys on there


All the best



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