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Fw190 Found in Russia - 1990s?


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I remember in the early 90's when an English chap was scouring the former USSR for WW2 German aircraft wrecks, the Airplane magazine showed many photos of the recovered machines. This old camcorder film is top notch.... how much do we all wish we were to stumble upon this when taking the dog for a walk:-D

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i believe that this is the aircraft that a Sec5 dealer friend of mine dealt with regarding deactivation of the cannon etc; appparently it was force landed due to lack of fuel and left half in a snow drift - the locals pulled it out and put it in a barn although some instruments and the compass were souveniered, although returned when umm,...'requested'. ;iirc there was a 189 aircraft involved too but which failed to leave the country due to insufficiently thick brown envelope....;)

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