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Albion A10 wagon?


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When did they start welding frames like this? It looks quite the wagon for doing some heavy haulage. I visited Ironbridge in May of this year, what a great piece of engineering it is!





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Albion A10's were fitted with 2 different size wheels during WW1. The standard wheel was 720 x 120mm. and for more ground clearance, 880 x 120mm. wheels were fitted.

The hub caps are also completely different to the one's in your trailer photo.


Attached are photos's from the Albion Archives in Biggar, Scotland.

The colour photo of the wheel is from a model built by the apprentices at Albion in 1940. There is a second on display at the Australian War Museum in Canberra


We visited there on the 17th August 2009 and located the actual build card for my A10.

My chassis was laid down on 6th December 1915 for completion mid February 1916.


Regards Rick


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Saw this wagon chassis at the Blists Hill Victorian Museum (part of the Ironbridge museums) and the wheels looked very familiar - checked back home and they look like Albion A10 wheels, what do you guys think?






Its a trailer chassis by Fodens of Sandbach, built in the late 1920's for use behind steam wagons or steam tractors. That one was an end tipping trailer.


It was likely given to the museum by Jack Crabtree and is wasted at the museum, they look after nothing.


I have a catalogue somewhere, I will dig it out and scan it.


Here is a similar but lighter pattern Foden trailer I saved, it had a living van body built on it, likely from new.



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