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Hello from Seattle


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Hello All!

I'll try and keep this short and sweet as to not bore everyone (or sound like I'm on a 12 step program for addicts). My name is Richard Rombauer from Seattle WA. and have been collecting MV's for about 20 yrs (time flies when your having fun). Some of the toys I own: Ferret, Fox, BRDM-2 M3a1 scout car, HMMWV, Fast Attack Vehicle, Beech U8-F, MiG-17, Hiller H23C. In other words enough stuff to keep me broke and busy for the next 100 years. Always fun to talk to people with the same affliction... uh, hobby


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Ok, here goes. I spent this morning looking for some pix (since I had to work this weekend I can't think of a better use of my time). Hope you all enjoy. I'll post more as I come across them or take new ones.


First of all as far as the Air Force goes only the Beech is flying right now. I am still restoring the MiG, and the Hiller's engine is sitting in a million pieces on my work bench just waiting to be reassembled.


The photo of me next to the Huey is there just because I like it. Up to about 2 years ago I was director of maintenance for a Bell and Robinson helicopter service center. We had contracts to maintain the helicopter fleets for a couple of Sheriff departments. I spent many hours flying this aircraft (over my house) and waking up my neighbors. To this day it's still the most fun warbird I've flown.


The rest of the photos speak for themselves.










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