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  1. I had the same issue and we did everything including switching to electronic ignition. The culprit was a fuel pump that worked but couldn't pump fast enough. Put in a new fuel pump and it ran like a top..
  2. A short video I made with my daughter featuring my Pinz and my Ferret.. Too much free time on my hands..
  3. This is a silly video I made with my daughter and our Ferret. The Pinzgauer is in there also. May sell her soon so I thought I would stick her in there as well.
  4. I didn't pay attention to the rpm's but at 45 mph I am thinking I wouldnt hit the governor. I read that top speed is around 55 mph. I will drive it tomorrow and check my RPM's..
  5. I recently got my Ferret roadworthy with the help of my mechanic. I have a small issue and before I asked him to look at it I thought I would post to see if there is an easy answer. The Ferret runs excellent through the gears but when I have it in top gear and try to achieve top speed, approximately 50mph the engine starts to stutter, almost like it is turning off. When I go back to 4th gear and slow down a little the engine runs perfectly again. I thought: 1. Maybe there is a clogged jet that only shows itself when I am in top gear? 2. Maybe there is some type of governor or top speed limiter? Any thoughts?
  6. I think this is the link you are looking for.. http://www.ferret-afv.org/oldfh/fh-index.htm
  7. I have ammo boxes where your chairs are. i can remove them but where would I buy the chairs, what would the cost be and do they just bolt on?
  8. Chris, I looked at the pictures and it looks great. One question: To the left and right of the commanders chair there seem to be pads to sit on for extra passengers. Are these stock or aftermarket. I would like to get some small seats for my 6 year old daughter and that would work perfectly. Good luck with the Ferret. Where in LA are you? Maybe I can get a trailer and we can meet up for some pictures or a cruise once I get my plates..
  9. Maybe it is just California but wherever I take it I have to schedule twice the time because people need to know it's history, take pictures, etc..
  10. Chris, you finally pulled the trigger? You are the same Chris that e mailed me from LA? Maybe we meet up at Cars and Coffee in Irvine one morning and surprise everyone? Good luck with the new vehicle it looks pretty nice.. Matt
  11. Not that there aren't many but the US is a big place and I have never seen one on the road, and I am only aware of one in San Diego and it doesn't have plates and isn't driven on public roads. I took mine out and it almost created a riot. I had people following me, waving at me to pull over, etc. I came out of a pizzeria after lunch and I counted 22 people around it taking pictures, etc. I can take you to car shows in my area where there will be Ferrari Enzo's but I have never seen another Ferret on the road.
  12. I am sure the UK guys will laugh when they see what Ferrets go for in the US.. I paid $25,000 US dollars for my MK 2/3. It is very clean and needed only a few minor things to get ready. Import and delivery was included in the price. It came with the Clansman, Browning 30 cal in the turret, sand channel, fresh paint, etc so it was pretty complete.. Not too many Ferrets in the US so if you want one you have to pay.
  13. I recently bought a Ferret. I am in the US and make videos on the side of all my hobbies. I made one on Ferrets.. It is a first try but I think it came out alright. I took pictures I found of Ferrets off the internet so I hope anyone's pics I used wont offend them. Cheers..
  14. I have a Ferret MK2/3 and noticed in some pictures on the internet there is a rotating beacon light similar to what you would find on the top of a police car. Single light, yellow in color, mounted behind the driver on the left, sort of near where the antenna would be. Still trying to learn about Ferrets and didn't know if these were available to purchase and retrofit, why they were used, are they original equipment, how you wire them into a power source, and if it would be worth getting.. Thanks in advance for the advice.. Matt
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