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Wellbike dating?

Rick W

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The 2 world "experts" on welbikes "live " on the "BSA wd M20 Website " Put a posting on there and you will get an an imformed answer...i hope !![/quote


The frame numbers I posted were taken from Welbike to Corgy by Peter Miller, an excellent book on both machines.Therefor I submit that the information given in the book is "informed" and the frame number quoted in the enquiry is well outside of the production numbers. If a number is found inside of the numbers quoted then the book mentioned has a list of dates and WD census numbers. John.

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Looking at the VMCC machine listings, which admittedly can be a bit iffy at times, frame numbers around the 30,000 mark would date it to the early fifties. From what I've been able to understand however, the W prefix relates only to the engine. Is it a single speed or has it got the two speed albion 'box?

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be very careful if buying a welbike as there are many replicas about even the one on display at the birmingham motorcycle museum contains a great deal of replica parts,the person you need to speak to is a Mr Church,his wife is the area secretary of the Barnet area mvt and earlier this year I spent a couple of hours talking to him about welbikes and he was explaining all the tell tale signs to look for on a replica and he said that if ever I decided to buy one I could contact him and he would give me a few more pointers.


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