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  1. Hi James, Just like to say a big thank you from my son, Andrew, and me for the lift in the Jimmy on the convoy. We had a great day with you and the guys from Dog Company. See you next time! Ian
  2. Had a great weekend at Croft with the Jeep and USAAF display and made to feel very welcome - don't know what that previous comment is about. Big thanks to Mike Scorer and all those whose hard work made it happen.
  3. Perhaps you could get in touch with some former members of Légion étrangère and ask if you can see their onions. Let us all know so we can watch.
  4. No it's not - it's a genuine Jeep just not a WW2 example. And Ruxy, despite what you think about what Jeeps are worth, that not how the real world works. See if you can find a good Hotchkiss for £5k - £6k (and if you do let Jonesy know before he spends his £9k!). As for WW2 authenticity, as soon as a Jeep entered service and started to be maintained/fixed its originality reduced and now, 60 odd years later, who knows which bits are original?
  5. That's what I heard as well. Half expected to be the only one there or sent away for not having all my papers in order but it turned out really well. They need to learn some lessons before next time though - especially about not p***ing people off!
  6. Went today and it was really good. Plenty of vehicles and re-enactors and literally thousands of people. Also had two Hurricane displays (same plane but 2 separate displays) and flypasts from the BBMF Dakota and a Jet Provost out of Blackpool. Oh, and the sun shone all day as well! Hope it becomes a regular event after such a good start.
  7. I always use straight SAE30 in mine, again with no problems.
  8. Hi there - get yourself down to Yorkshire Air Museum for Wheels & Wings on 8 + 9 May and meet up with a few of us for a beer or a brew.
  9. Great pics Steve - what a good year of events. Particularly like the Breighton and Leeming shots (even if I am dead jealous!).
  10. Happy Birthday!! Once again you kept it quiet until Jack informs the world. Hope you have a good one. Ian
  11. That would be the Preston Guild that happens every 20 years (2012 for the next one). Hi from Hutton by the way.
  12. Nice pics Steve - as Jim Bowen used to say "Look what you could have won!". Bodge and me must try harder next year (and ignore any weather forecasts, and not break any cars).
  13. Thanks to all who organised it for a great event - I really enjoyed the whole show. Also a special mention to the crew from South Cumbria & North Lancs MVT for the hospitality (Jon, Boyan, Will, John, Barry, Dave, George, Ian, Kath, Ian and Esther). Must also mention the boys from Yorks MVT with their hilarious(?) tale about some rabbits with unusual names. See you next year.
  14. My pass is M12 so looks like a decent gathering. I'm going on Saturday so see you there.
  15. Happy Birthday! You kept that quiet last night - I'd have bought you a drink if I'd known (even if it was just Coke - the black drinking sort of course).
  16. Nah...It's a TF-51 and the fin and canopy spoil the lines ;-). I'll keep the cash for a straight D model.
  17. Willys, Ford, Hotchkiss - don't mind really as long as it's in good nick and looks the part.
  18. Hi, Just a quick note to say hello. Not got a military vehicle (yet) but am seriously considering a Jeep in the new year and thought this might be a good place to get help and advice. I've got space in the garage to keep it under cover and have some mechanical skills (time served fitter at th'Electric Board but the principles are the same). I live near Preston (Lancs) so would be glad to hear from someone local. Looking forward to some replies. Regards Ian McCormack
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