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  1. Hi All. Being Tank Regiment, we were issued with the Sterling SMG, but only ever carried one mag, I have never seen the mag holsters shown in the pics, even in Belfast there was only one mag, now I am jealous.......lol...... Great Collection. Regards to All
  2. BOB! Is that you ? its John from York, I used to call in to see you and have a cuppa with you a few years ago, ALSO, I have just written a post on the Chieftain at Elvington,(In reply to a guy on this topic who answered me) that you came up and had a look at, If you remember I was helping to rebuild it and Invited you over to have a look over it, and you donated a Loaders Seat and a Track Bashing Hammer to the museum for it. Well I got a MEGA bollocking for letting you look over it, I argued that you had just donated some parts to the museum for it, and they said it didnt matter, you had no right to go inside it, so I told them to stick it up their Arse, (Pardon the language, but I was livid) so that put the knockers on that. I lost touch with you because I had a PC crash and lost your details and number, I also lost your card. So pleased to be in touch again. my email address is johnmusic1@hotmail.com and my number is 07855 648886. please give me a call. Regards John
  3. Hi Timbo. Thank you for your reply. Yes I know about the one at Elvington, I worked on it, please see my other post in depth. Regards John
  4. What strange Anti Bazooka Plates, this must be their own configuration. Than ks for the pic. Regards John
  5. Hi Loggy. If you could please, That would be much appreciated. Thank You. Regards John
  6. Hi. Thank you for your reply, I know about the one at Elvington, I was helping to rebuild it, I got a visit from Mr Grundy from Wigan and he donated a Loader/Operators seat and a track bashing hammer free of charge to the Museum, so I let him have a look over the tank, later on I got a right bollocking for letting him look over it, I even told them that he had donated stuff for it free of charge but they said that doesnt matter, so I told them to stuff it, and didnt go back again. Talk about bloody ungrateful........ anyway its not a real Chieftain as I know it, it is an Automatic gear change not like our real ones with the foot gear pedal, and it has a steering wheel. I am afraid I was trained on a Real Chieftain, Mk2 / 3 / & 3s. where we had to use a BOT (Breech Opening Tool) and we had a Ranging gun, NOT play station Gunnery.....lol. Dot 4 Breakback, On, Fire, Firing Now!!!!!! Oh my god I am going off into that world again. Regards to All
  7. Hi All. I served with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment from 1971 as a Gunner/Driver on Chieftains, (yes very early chieftains) I was 18 when I joined up. I am now 57 yrs old and as I approach my golden years I have the urge once again to have a good look round a Chieftain, I live in York, and would love to know if anybody in the area owns a Chieftain that they would kindly let me clamber over and drool once again, (I am sure that there are some tankies left that remember the old B.O.T. (Breech Opening Tool) and how we creamed ourselves when they brought out the MK3s with a breech opening handle. Well if anybody would give me back some of my young year memories, I would be a very happy trackhead...... Cheers to all. John:D
  8. Hi All. I served with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment, and did my basic training at Catterick 1971. I was in the 71/10 intake. I am looking to find if anybody has a copy of the Intake Photograph that I may get a copy of, I am very willing to pay for it. Regards to all. John
  9. Hi All. I have only just found this forum and already I am in love with it, Once a trackhead always a trackhead, well my name is John and I am 56 yrs old and served with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment, joined up in 1971 as Gunner/Driver on Chieftains MK 1, 2, 3 & 3s. I live in York, United Kingdom. and I work for Network Rail as a Techy. My Grandfather was in Tanks during WW2, 7th Armoured Div, 8th Army, North Africa, and Italy, he survived the war, he ended up as Regimental Bugler, 3 Times British Army Champion, and guess what, I ended up as Regy Bugler. well I hope I have given enough to introduce myself, now I just look forward to making friends. Regards to All tankie
  10. Hi Guys. Well I am new to the forum and this is my first posting, I am ex 1RTR and in 1971 we were up at Warcop with Chieftain Mk2, we were on the firing point, (I cant remember which one as memory dims with time) but on the hillside there was a Conqueror MBT, I cant remember the exact date but I do remember all firing had to cease because Princess Anne was going to fly over the range in a helicopter, (wonder if any of you other guys were there on that day) well we got the go ahead to fire again, I remember laying on with the fire orders and the target was a Conqueror, we had loaded with HESH, (I would never do this again if I tried) I snapped out "Firing Now" and squoze the trigger, I watched the HESH round arc through the air and watched it go straight into the Commanders Cupola it looked as though it went straight in without touching the sides, well thats how it looked through my scope, I have always remembered the Conq, wonder whats left of it now, I remeber it was about 11 oclock from the firing point, another thing I remember is a little hut, and a hardboard tank would wobble across from right to left towards this little hut, obviously it was on a chain or something, another thing that comes to light was, we had to do guard duty that night and we couldnt put out green maggot out because of sheep crap, there was not one square foot that was free, so we laid out for the night on top of a small brick hut, I think it was a point ammo compound, If anybody else remembers these points, would love to hear from you. Best Wishes to all tankie:-)
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