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  1. Nice intresting pictures, thank you for posting.
  2. Lmao how did you know my ever faithfull plan b? love it!
  3. I wish I had those kind of problems, just a deact alone is £1500+ and it don't even shoot!!! Good luck with it all. You got any pictures, we all love a picture! g
  4. Nice thick chain on rear counterweight and pull at a sensible angle. I've done this too many times for over eager drivers. They are so low with the weight and hitch pin is low, I've never had one fall over. By the time youve thought about it job could be done.
  5. Mine used to do that. I described it to lots of people but didn't truly get to the bottom of it. Best I described it was its as if you are setting of in to high a gear and the hole cab shakes /judders. I got told gearbox issue but moved vehicle on before I found out.
  6. I've got an odd looking pipe that could be for such a job. I couldn't make my mind up if they would or not. With the massive advantages of foam use I thought they would of found a way to use it if needed. I'll have a look tomorrow and see if the pipe fits. Thank you.
  7. Hi folks. Was spray foam used in these appliances? In one of the side lockers I've got about 100 ltrs of methanol resistant foam concentrate and an odd lance. Regards Graham
  8. Absolutely brilliant! I wish programs on TV were as good as that. Most just skirt round, tell the big facts and don't tell you how it actually works and leave you hanging. Any more? They should do all sorts of vehicles.
  9. Hi folks. Am currently renting a unit in the south ribble area of some robbing buggers and looking for another place asap. I've only got the one project on at the min (ferret) and would ideally like more room. Can pay and help out with work if needed. If anyone knows of anything localish it would be greatly appreciated so I can carry on enjoying my hobby with a little elbow room.....wish I could do it full time! Thank you. Regards Graham
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252479009108?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Lots of bits included. Had loads of people asking but after questions like does it have a radio or power steering it's getting tiring. Joys of eBay.
  11. It would be great if they would show more details. Would love to know how they did the gearbox to engine. Driven center wheel!?!? Etc etc
  12. Not my cup of tea but by eck it's mental. Didn't know they could fly.
  13. Just seen it on the news, hope they are ok.
  14. She turns over just nicely now. Pulled out the gearbox/transfer box which is a right arse with an engine crane. Just about makes it. I'll be checking the fluid fly wheel seal. Lots of crud in the bottom and loads of nuts and washers. The gearbox looks fun anyone get any top tips to check for. I'd hate to put it all back together and find its bugged. Thanks.
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