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  1. Hi James, Just like to say a big thank you from my son, Andrew, and me for the lift in the Jimmy on the convoy. We had a great day with you and the guys from Dog Company. See you next time! Ian
  2. hi mate , put us down for myerscough , cheers Mark.

  3. hi mate its blackpool vehicle preservation society rally this sunday in Stanley park if your at a loose end . regards Mark

  4. Happy Birthday! You kept that quiet last night - I'd have bought you a drink if I'd known (even if it was just Coke - the black drinking sort of course).
  5. Nah...It's a TF-51 and the fin and canopy spoil the lines ;-). I'll keep the cash for a straight D model.
  6. Willys, Ford, Hotchkiss - don't mind really as long as it's in good nick and looks the part.
  7. Hi, Just a quick note to say hello. Not got a military vehicle (yet) but am seriously considering a Jeep in the new year and thought this might be a good place to get help and advice. I've got space in the garage to keep it under cover and have some mechanical skills (time served fitter at th'Electric Board but the principles are the same). I live near Preston (Lancs) so would be glad to hear from someone local. Looking forward to some replies. Regards Ian McCormack
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