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  1. Time for a clear out. Various bits and bobs here, may come in helpful to somebody... Helicopter crew long sleeved OD warm shirt size large - £1.50 Brand new in packaging Eastman Leather A10 USAAF gloves, ideal for cold weather driving, size L/XL - £85 MTP boonie jungle hat size 57 - £3.50 Green shemagh scarf - £3 Green Blackhawk knee pads - £6 MTP trousers 70/88/104 (34" waist) - £6 MTP field shirt 180/96 - £5 MTP windproof smock 190/104 - £13 MTP AFV crew training suit one-piece 200/104 - £20 MTP windproof smock new and sealed 1
  2. More uniform bits and bobs that someone may find handy... MTP tropical hat, size 59, as new - £6.50 (ideal for the glorious sunshine at W&P this year!!) MTP smock sleeve blanking patches - £1.60 each (£4.25 the three) Can likely include standard post with the blanking patches. Hat will cost extra to post. Paypal fine - buyer covers fees. Any questions - ask.
  3. Yet more gear that might come in handy to someone... British Army issue XL MTP trousers stock size 85/96/112 which is a 36"+ waist, good condition - £10 Viper tactical t-shirt in olive drab size L large, never worn - £10 Happy to take paypal but buyer covers the fees. Also happy to post: p&p will be extra.
  4. Army issue reversible pertex Snugpak softie thermal insulated jacket in L / XL size. Olive one side, sand the other - good condition - £12 Happy to take paypal but buyer covers the fees. Also happy to post: p&p will be extra.
  5. Might be useful to someone... MTP field shirt size M/L 170/96 up to around 40" chest - £5.50 MTP combat trousers, smaller size: 80/80/96 (approx. 30 " waist) - £5.50 Good condition. Unlikely to have been worn by TV tough guy Ant Middleton during secret operations to smash the Colombian drugs cartels. Paypal fine but buyer covers the fees. P&P extra.
  6. Pair of new, superb, genuine Eastman Leather Clothing A-10 USAAF pilot’s flying gloves in a size 11 (so XL). Intermediate weight glove - a faithful Eastman reproduction to exact U.S.A.A.F. spec. Purchased new by me - never worn, the wrists are still single-stitched together. Made from tanned supple goatskin leather, lined with a fine wool knit, ribbed wristlet also 100% wool knit. Correct Second World War material, colour and weave. An authentic AAF decal on each glove as per originals. Very expensive to buy new (£130 a pair, last time I looked on the Eastman website)! £85 Co
  7. Various bits, hopefully of use to someone:- Current Army issue camouflage brown self-wicking t-shirt in 102 cm M/L or 112 cm L/XL size. Show light wear, so may have some pulls/marks, but no major damage or repairs - £1.60 each. Multicam fleece-lined thermal 'sharkskin' field trousers, XL size approx. 36 ins waist, 29 ins inside leg - £11.50. Kryptek operator's cap, one size fits all baseball cap - £3.25. Army issue MTP field shirt 180/96, size L up to approx. 42 ins chest - £5.75. Army / RAF issue aircrew helicopter crew thermal long sleeved shirt, size L Large -
  8. Hence the quotation marks; using here as a generic term rather than specific. I assume folks will - from pics and description - know what they're buying. But cheers for the info.
  9. Decent original 1951 dated WD issue Briggs BMB, 1952 dated W & W, and double-sided 1951 PSC 5 gall steel jerry cans. Original paint, I suspect. Wouldn't recommend putting fuel in them, though look sound enough to me - better as diorama props or to dress a period vehicle I would suggest. Anyway they are what they are. £12 each collected from west Kent. May be able to post, don't mind looking into that if you want - or organise your own courier; no problem.
  10. Bog standard 20L (5 gallon) steel jerry can, maker marked 'E'. Sorry, doesn't have any fascinating markings, dates, insignia, etc, etc: it is what it is. Probably more as suitable for a show prop, for 'dressing' a vehicle, etc, than for actual use (though, as far as I can see, it's sound). £7, collection from west Kent. Might be able to post - happy to look into it if anyone's interested. Or arrange your own courier.
  11. Four vintage 'flimsy' pattern Valor steel fuel tins. No, sorry, they don't have any fascinating markings, dates, insignia, etc, etc: they simply are what they are. I see these more as suitable for a show diorama, for 'dressing' a vehicle, etc, than for actual use (though, as far as I can see, they're sound). £6 each, collection from west Kent. Might be able to post - happy to look into it if anyone's interested. Or arrange your own courier - no sweat.
  12. Isn't the answer a bit more basic than this? If you put a noticeable red cross on stuff, it simply gives the baddies a convenient aiming point. Can remember reading about a Soviet army observer at a NATO exercise expressing complete incredulity that there were vehicles with big red crosses on, buzzing around the battlefield. His response - 'Those would be the first things we'd shoot at!' Seems, 40 years on, our military may have taken that on board...!
  13. The above sentiment seconded here. This has been a great thread to follow and I salute what you've done - events like those we have seen this week put our nerdy obsession with military metal in context. Hope you and yours are safe and well.
  14. Cracking display - and nice pic with the Chippie (I learnt to fly in one of them with the RAF cadets). Good work, sir!
  15. Yep, that's it - stomping about in your full greens getting funny looks from the tourists and truck drivers. Happy days! :-D
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