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  1. Good plan. There are 8 bulbs total I believe. What size of Led bulb would fit the fittings though?
  2. Sorry, I do mean watts! The bulbs are 26V, and 7W.
  3. Yep 6 volt light bulbs it says in the manual. I just checked what I purchased and I bought 7 volt bulbs, which is not far off. Or would the 7 volt bulbs be the reason it blew? Is there any risk of harming the system if I stick a 10A fuse in there? My electrical knowledge is... slim
  4. At the risk of being the only person recently starting topics in this forum section : ) We recently replaced the interior lights 5A fuse in the FV432 with another 5A fuse. Two lights came on so I set about replacing the other bulbs. The lights went off. We suspect the fuse may have blown again - will test it. When adding up the load we believe it comes to about 4A for all of the lights, so it could be very close to the 5A mark. I was wondering if the 5A fuse that was in the machine when I bought it was just the wrong amps and a 10A fuse would be right. Obviously don't want to cause any sy
  5. I called up a rubber driveway company just out of curiosity but they said the surfaces won't take tracked vehicles, especially not 15 tonnes. If only I could put the FV432 on a diet... Thanks for the reassurance re runaway. I will keep it well serviced!
  6. I have asked the concrete driveway people to come down and quote. I also asked them about a concrete barrier to go in front of the tank stopping place, in case of engine runaway. Would something like this work or would a runaway tank just climb it? https://safefence.co.uk/concrete-jersey-barrier.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwkZiFBhD9ARIsAGxFX8By3KCyYMxb4jjXoLHmKhHqHcflQbu8_P67KIwuUdEa9ZN1q4aJVpEaAthBEALw_wcB Or am I worrying too much about engine runaway?
  7. Thanks all; I should have specified I'm looking for CO2 or foam or similar. I've already got a powder one installed inside the vehicle. I will send you a PM John, thanks! And yep, authenticity is not required
  8. Here is a photo of the rear bracket, thanks!
  9. I bought some standard fire extinguishers in hopefulness but they don't fit the brackets. We created brackets and installed them inside but I was going to buy a CO2 extinguisher and hopefully fit it to the rear bracket. Is there anywhere I can buy fire extinguishers that will fit the existing FV432 brackets or is it just a case of "can't fit them to the existing brackets"? By the way, thank you for everyone here for being so helpful with advice!
  10. Sorry for the "noob" questions as a new FV432 owner! I anticipated it would not be great on the paving stones and indeed it is gradually turning my driveway to the left. Short of moving my house to the left side of the driveway I am considering what to install once the current driveway has given up the ghost. My neighbour suggested concrete on the grounds that gravel isn't great for tracks, resin gets chewed up, paving stones break and tarmac might be too soft in summer heat. Would concrete be the best surface to drive over without causing it much in the way of damage? There's a slight tu
  11. Hi everyone - I had a query on dealing with slow traffic, stopping and starting - should I: Stop in 3-4 range, leave it in that while stopped, then start off in 3-4 range; Stop in 3-4 range, go down to 1-2, then start off in 1-2 range; Stop in 3-4 range, go into neutral while waiting, then back to 1-2 range just before moving off? Option 1 "feels" better driving-wise, as it jerks when I move into 1-2 while stopped, but let me know what's the best way to do it for the engine/gears/tracks!
  12. For a complete set of periscopes on an FV432 do I need 3x No 32 commander scopes and 1x No 33 driver scope? That's what it looks like from my research but feel free to let me know if I am incorrect - I was puzzled as to whether all 3 commander periscopes are identical. Thanks!
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