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  1. That guess is the closest I've had to anyone with an answer, so I'll run with that
  2. I assume the answer is "no" but I emailed DVLA and they never bothered to respond or didn't know the answer. If an FV432 has 9 seats then do you just need a category H licence to drive it or do you need to also have category D (people carrier i.e. bus) licence too? Given that learning to drive a large bus with a steering wheel would have no practical use whatsoever for driving a compact tracked vehicle with levers I assume the answer is "no" but I know logic and the law don't always see eye to eye so I thought I would ask on here and see if anyone knows the answer, thanks!
  3. Thanks again! On a side question, do you know any motor insurance insurers for FV432s?
  4. Thanks - any risk of it leaking from those areas into the internal cabin i.e. being inhaled by passengers/driver?
  5. Might be a silly question but I was reading recently that pre-1970 vehicles used to use asbestos for heating and insulation etc. Does anyone know if FV432s contain asbestos?
  6. Thanks both of you; I will give it a try in a straight run first then consider old tyres or similar if necessary to form a ramp!
  7. Finally bought a house with a driveway so I can park an FV432 on it. In my ignorance though I didn't spot (a) a railway bridge on the route(!), and (b) the driveway is accessed over a dropped kerb (to be fair it's hard to see at present being covered with leaves!). I've emailed Network Rail to check on the bridge, but with regard to the dropped kerb (photos attached) do you think it would be reasonably safe to cross this in an FV432 without causing any significant damage? Assuming a low speed without turning! Thanks!
  8. Thanks, didn't think it could damage the wheels. I'll just have to take it carefully. I won't be using it too regularly and it's a short driveway at least!
  9. Hi all; I am looking at buying a property with a shared gravel driveway. I don't want to annoy the neighbours though by driving an FV432 down it if it's going to mess up the path. Does anyone know how an FV432 or similar heavy tracked tank would fare over gravel, i.e. will I wreck the driveway? Thanks!
  10. Thanks Chris I'll give Sammy a call tomorrow. All the best Merlin
  11. I've been interested in purchasing an FV432 for some years now but have been wary about the possible maintenance requirements. My DIY skills extend to changing a lightbulb but that's about my limit! If the vehicle is used for infrequent short trips on roads (i.e. the occasional fun drive rather than serious muddy countryside slogging) would I expect onerous amounts of maintenance involved? I live in Norfolk (England) and also wondered if anyone in the area who works with military vehicles (e.g. one of the museums or tank sales enthusiasts here or just a mechanic with an interest in
  12. I know an FV432 is about 5.25m long but does anyone know how long it is with a Fox turret, i.e. how far further forward the barrel extends? Many thanks! Merlin
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