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  1. Hi Andy It's just driving about. Did my test over a decade ago, when tests in FV432s were permitted. I often have passengers, but not always. Roads round Norfolk are mostly quite quiet, but I still go by the rule of if a car needs to squeeze past, stop and let the car go round you!
  2. Unless the DVSA reply to me otherwise then (I have emailed them as they don't often answer the phone) I will keep someone with me as tank commander on trips just in case. I'm puzzled why it could be considered dangerous not to have a commander in an APC though but it's safe to drive HGVs and PCVs without a commander on board? I don't know about the bigger/turreted tanks, but FV432s are not far off driving a loaded van. Having driven both artics and APCs like you John, I find APCs are decidedly easier to maneouvre!
  3. That's quite a range of views above. I can't see anything in the legislation but I found the following on Gov.UK "Rules for Test Vehicles": https://www.gov.uk/learning-to-drive-a-tractor-or-specialist-vehicle/rules-for-test-vehicles I wonder if that is what the DVLA chap was referring to? That page indicates that they consider all military tracked vehicles inappropriate for Category H testing because they allegedly need a second person to help with observation. I wonder how a Badger (which only fits 1 person) is meant to be driven then - perhaps with an observer hanging on the back! Although it's about vehicle testing I can see where the DVLA chap might then extend that indication to vehicles being driven post-test. Though I wish I knew what that the statement was based on, i.e. legislation or guidance. I normally go out with passengers, whether taking neighbours for a trip or the family to the park. However, most budding tank commanders are normally more interested in waving at people than being "help with observation"! : )
  4. I was talking to a DVLA instructor who said to me regarding my FV432, "you need someone [in the tank commander cupola] in order to drive it on the road". Is that the case? When I passed my category H test in an FV432 the examiner was not in the vehicle with me - indeed it was just me in the vehicle as it was for all test candidates - so I suspect the DVLA chap who randomly said that to me this morning is wrong, but thought I would post here and ask if anyone knows the legal answer? If it makes any difference I have my head out (of course) so 360 degree vision, plus the large convex mirrors to see down the sides and two reversing cameras to see behind fully.
  5. Good plan. There are 8 bulbs total I believe. What size of Led bulb would fit the fittings though?
  6. Sorry, I do mean watts! The bulbs are 26V, and 7W.
  7. Yep 6 volt light bulbs it says in the manual. I just checked what I purchased and I bought 7 volt bulbs, which is not far off. Or would the 7 volt bulbs be the reason it blew? Is there any risk of harming the system if I stick a 10A fuse in there? My electrical knowledge is... slim
  8. At the risk of being the only person recently starting topics in this forum section : ) We recently replaced the interior lights 5A fuse in the FV432 with another 5A fuse. Two lights came on so I set about replacing the other bulbs. The lights went off. We suspect the fuse may have blown again - will test it. When adding up the load we believe it comes to about 4A for all of the lights, so it could be very close to the 5A mark. I was wondering if the 5A fuse that was in the machine when I bought it was just the wrong amps and a 10A fuse would be right. Obviously don't want to cause any system damage by putting in a higher-rated fuse than is supposed to be there. The manual though mentions two fuses at 5A for interior lights - F2 and F4. So it could be something else - an issue in the circuits, rusty light fixings tripping the fuse, the new bulb I put in being duff. Before we try a higher-rated fuse I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if the fuse for the interior lights in an FV432 should be 5A or 10A? Or any other idea what could have caused the lights to go out shortly after coming on? Thanks!
  9. I called up a rubber driveway company just out of curiosity but they said the surfaces won't take tracked vehicles, especially not 15 tonnes. If only I could put the FV432 on a diet... Thanks for the reassurance re runaway. I will keep it well serviced!
  10. I have asked the concrete driveway people to come down and quote. I also asked them about a concrete barrier to go in front of the tank stopping place, in case of engine runaway. Would something like this work or would a runaway tank just climb it? https://safefence.co.uk/concrete-jersey-barrier.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwkZiFBhD9ARIsAGxFX8By3KCyYMxb4jjXoLHmKhHqHcflQbu8_P67KIwuUdEa9ZN1q4aJVpEaAthBEALw_wcB Or am I worrying too much about engine runaway?
  11. Thanks all; I should have specified I'm looking for CO2 or foam or similar. I've already got a powder one installed inside the vehicle. I will send you a PM John, thanks! And yep, authenticity is not required
  12. Here is a photo of the rear bracket, thanks!
  13. I bought some standard fire extinguishers in hopefulness but they don't fit the brackets. We created brackets and installed them inside but I was going to buy a CO2 extinguisher and hopefully fit it to the rear bracket. Is there anywhere I can buy fire extinguishers that will fit the existing FV432 brackets or is it just a case of "can't fit them to the existing brackets"? By the way, thank you for everyone here for being so helpful with advice!
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