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  1. I've got a pair of new front wings made by a company in Manchester. They are realy good but bl**dy expensive.
  2. Try ebay.COM instead of co.uk Dick. It's the US ebay they come up on there from time to time. I have a pair that I got from there as well as other parts for my T'S
  3. I've just scaned this photo to my computer and thought I would post it here. It is a photo of my DT taken by John Blackman for CMV magazine about 12 years ago.
  4. I'm impressed with the way the "experts" do things.......Not! Something went wrong...
  5. The item in the centre standing vertical is a towing pole but I cant see what the item at an angle is.
  6. A bit like riding a bike. :drive:Driving a 980/1 is an experience you will never forget.:drive: :-D :blush: :cool2: :cool: :yay::shocked: :nut: :kiss: :-D all rolled into one.
  7. Like a "gaggle of geese", "A truck load of Diamond Ts" sounds like a good collective noun to me.
  8. Hi Tony. I don't know if you have seen it but they have advertised the 981 on milweb. The asking price is 12,500 Euro's. Regards....Steve.
  9. 1942 Diamond T 981 closed cab. 1943 Diamond T 981 closed cab. 1940's 45t Rogers trailer.
  10. I appologise, my mistake. That will teach me to look a bit harder at the picture in future........
  11. Thats an accident waiting to happen. The chains holding the back of that Challenger should be crossed. The way they are does nothing to stop the tank moving sideways across the trailer (it can and does happen).
  12. Hi Harper. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?18735-Hercules-engine-decal-set&highlight=diamond+filter+decals I think this is what you are looking for. Steve...
  13. These photographs were taken at this years GDSF of the Diamond T's that attended the 70th anniversary get together at the event. The photographs were not taken by me as unfortunatly I could not attend, but are posted with the kind permission of the photographer Denis Newell, who is the son of a War vet who used to drive them in anger and who I had the privalage of meeting a few years ago.
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