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  1. 7VHU

    Tool hunt

    That green tool roll looks like a fire brigade “hearth kit”?
  2. My 7v once had a leaf (from a tree) in the tank. Used to float over the outlet. I put a short tube of perforated sheet in it to stop the blockage.
  3. 18 SWG 1.26mm 20 SWG. 0.996mm Used all that filler yet? Enough to make a door : )
  4. That would be drive screws, but in this case you’re needing snap head rivets. guessing 3/32” dia. Ie round headed rivets. You’ll need a rivet snap too.
  5. That looks like a Metalock crack repair. Metal stitching.
  6. It’s a tricky call… a big gap between making it “go” and making it right. Maybe best to go one way or the other. Stepped top rings used to used to fix things up for a while. F.W. Thornton for pistons & rings? Best steam practice was to increase the bore above the area swept by the rings so wear did not cause a step. The S1 was the same. you could possibly get an idea with a good calliper, bare piston and feeler gauges. how invested do you want to be? Agree with previous posts. happy fixing up Peter
  7. Fair enough, Defender door bottoms were pretty much gone 5 years ago 🤣 Anyway, enough distraction, back to the WOT 😀
  8. Great to see what can be done....nearly as bad as a 20 year old Defender... Keep up the good work BRgds Peter
  9. Interesting to see if any provision for historic vehicles (no official emission data, not that it would be great if it was)…
  10. Hi Radek, yes, chassis/ scuttle from factory to Gregory’s of Uxbridge for the coachwork. Tank, hose reel, pump and control valve from C. Wynn. Was meant to be a Bedford but they got busy building new green trucks after Dunkirk! Brgds Peter
  11. Hi Radek thank you. fortunately I have the workshop and parts manuals.. SL is the long wheelbase K2. Built new as a first aid saloon tender ( fire appliance) GLW 473 pics online. Just needs a reborn and new pistons : ) BRds Peter
  12. Hi, could you build up the section from channel and angle (folded from sheet metal). still a bit of a fiddle but easier than as a single strip folded back on itself… soldered rather than welded. Steel or brass. Happy hammering. Peter
  13. Hi Keith, glass fibre exhaust tape may work in place of asbestos. I’ve had issues with fuel vaporisation in slow moving traffic, not a great place to be! Putting it down the the modern fuel mix being more volatile and running a little hotter, with an engine mounted mechanical pump. I tried fitting an electric pump closet to the fuel tank and this seems to help when running but hot starting is still **** Better than my old 80” Landie that used to suffer from carburettor icing! How do the flathead V8s get on with the pump on the top of the engine…. Yep, winter rallies might be the solution if it wasn’t for the road salt. Brgds Peter (Dennis light 4)
  14. Better bring a brolly or tin hat, shame after all the sun we’ve had. Just when my Defender winch bumper is off for repair. Hope it’ a good outing all the same : ) brgds Peter
  15. Hi, BMIHT Gaydon may be able to give you a delivery date from their Austin records. Found mine, k2/SL 26192 delivered 1942 brgds peter
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