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Mystery part that destroyed my B60 engine.


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I have a Ferret Mk2/3 that I bought last April with some known issues. After spending 6 months replacing all the tracta joint seals, rebuilding the brakes, and doing a plethora of maintenance that had been ignored for decades I finally had it up and running. After about a half hour of zooming around my neighborhood, just as I was in my driveway I heard an occasional banging noise with random repetition. Long story short, it looks like the #6 piston ingested some sort of chain link? I do not think this was due to my negligence, as to me it looks like whatever this part is, was imbedded into the piston for a while, and only after getting the ferret running and up to temp and under load did it work itself free and finish off the piston. I say this because you can see that the cracked edges are carbon fowled, and where it was imbedded is new and shiny. The old B60 was probably running with this busted piston for a while.Now the previous owner bought this Ferret and it sat for about 15 years. I never found the part as I was thinking it was oil starvation at first when stripping the block, so it may have hit the floor and became lost forever. Anyway I'm glad to report that after many months I have rebuilt the B60, and it fired up with no issues.











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I'm just still wondering what was the chain link thing that did all the damage was in the first place. For the life of me I don't recognize it as any Ferret part. I will say this was my first full engine rebuild I've done in my life. Pretty straightforward, but the one thing that had me scratching my head was the rear main bearing cap seals for the crank are well, wood. White pine to be exact. I guess it makes sense as they will swell when exposed to oil. Brass, cork, wood, and unfortunately asbestos were all the rave back in the 1950's.



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Bearing cap seal would usually be cork : )

with that style of IOE engine, not much room above the piston.

A clip of some sorts? How was the head?

glad the bits stayed inside!

I remember a story about a TA Leyland Sherpa minibus running on 3 cylinders….

Stalled and was tow started. Piston and con rod in the sump!


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The head was slightly dinged up, but nothing horrible. The side wall was scuffed up as you would think. I ended up having the cylinders overbored and new oversized pistons installed.





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