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  1. Im glad you got it figured out, it made a world of difference when i finally got mine attached. No more slamming hatch!
  2. Im not sure if this is the right topic for this but correct me if im wrong! Anyhow, does anyone have some CVRT roadwheels that are in decent condition that theyd be willing to part with if I were to pay their fair share? Wyatt
  3. Anyone know what oil is to be used in the TN15D Gearbox for a Diesel CVRT Spartan and how much? Also, what filters are to be used as a replacement for the old ones and if they are readily available? Thanks in advance, Wyatt
  4. Thats quite the story haha, makes you wonder how many alternative methods are out there to fix em rather than just buying all new road wheels.
  5. Before you take it apart, try to adjust the lock nut and rod on it to see if someone had just loosened it so it doesnt slow the hatch down. Its adjustable and you just need to loosen the nut on the one side and get a wrench or pair of channel locks to fit on the slotted end of the piston and just see if it will tighten up and thread further into the hull side mount. If so chances are that is exactly whats wrong and you can just adjust the tension yourself, if not you are probably gonna need to open it up and see what the deal is. If you find anything out let me know im curious to see what the
  6. No it isnt airtight, mine had grease in it when i took it apart so when i put it back together i repacked it with grease.
  7. I dont have any pictures of the mechanism but its super simple and isnt anything complicated. All it is is that threaded shaft you see in the picture and then the rest is inside the housing and it has about 8 or so Belleville washers alternating down the length of the rod that act as a spring for when the door gets close to completely closing or opening to prevent it from slamming. Its kinda just held in place by the hole that the rod goes through and freefloats inside of the housing. Hardest part on mine was just getting the darn thing to open up, the thread is super fine and it can become qu
  8. My Drivers equilibrator had the all thread cut in half so i had a new piston made for it since it is all one turned piece. I had put it back together and packed it with grease. With your roof doors id say just keep a daily dose of WD-40 and use them as much as you can. Doing that completely fixed mine and they move as free as they would off the factory floor
  9. I have multiple manuals but there are still many to get, if you got one to recommend i'll probably get it, thanks for the information though i really appreciate it Wyatt
  10. Do any of you guys know if the Clansman intercom System is normally powered off of the Clansman Radios installed in the vehicle (particularly a CVR(T) Spartan) or if its directly powered from the vehicles 24v system. Also, when installed, does it function just with vehicle master switch on or does it require the engine to be running before the vehicle will provide power? Thanks in advance and i appreciate all the knowledge you guys are loaded with. Its great! Wyatt
  11. Thanks i really appreciate it! I'll let you know if you're right when i get to the bottom of it. Thanks for your guy's help. It is priceless
  12. Thanks i appreciate the help, i'll get digging and see what the deal is
  13. My Steering Brake Reservoirs in my Spartan are starting to approach unacceptable levels and i have never filled them before. Is there an exact fluid that the vehicle likes to have put in there or is it just any hydraulic oil? To be honest i am not sure what the fluid is but i believe it to be hydraulic oil. Im learning! Some assistance and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys
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