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  1. Well i got everything around this weekend and got my belt replaced. It was pretty straight forward and im glad it was. Anyone have a good method on disconnecting the coolant hose? I wasnt ready for mine about drained half my coolant into my gearbox compartment, other than that, super easy!
  2. That is making alot more sense, ive got the Diesel manual but im just apparently terrible at visualizing what its saying, youve been an immense help and i should be able to do it now no problem. Thanks for letting me know about not dissembling the drive shaft aswell, ive heard they are a pain to get aligned just right and im a very strict follower of "if it aint broke dont fix it"
  3. Can anyone give me a rundown on the best method to replace the Fan Belt on a Diesel Spartan? Ive read the manual about 10 times now and just cannot make sense of the method its wanting to use, it keeps mentioning an access plate to the drive shaft to undo it so you can slide your belt over to your clutch but i cant seem to find the access that it keeps mentioning. Im assuming this process is much more involved than the manual is making it out to be because i just cant see an easy way to go about it. Anyways i appreciate any and all tips or advice you guys are always a great help
  4. This isnt as exciting as some of yours are but my Alternator belt in my Diesel Spartan exploded when moseying around my field, simple fix as you just loosen the fan belt tensioner, pop off the fan belt then sling on your new alternator belt
  5. Might want to change your friends if you have problems such as those!
  6. Well i re-investigated the caliper this weekend and sure enough you were dead on the money, the hydraulic oil resevoir was chock full of fluid and it was the exact reason that i could not push the piston back into the caliper. How simple! What would i do without you smart fellas around to guide simpletons like me! Anyways thanks for the advice i am ever grateful. Wyatt
  7. I appreciate the reply and you have given me alot of useful advice. That is a very good point about the fluid rushing back into the reservoir and that might be stopping me from pushing it back! The caliper didnt feel springy at all as if it were being stopped by fluid but there might not be any spring with the fluid after all. I make sure i keep the reservoirs full so that is a definite possibility! Im excited to see if thats the case when i get to working on it this weekend. I'll let you guys know if i figure anything out. Till then, much obliged!
  8. Pb Blaster it is, no rusty bold can hold its own in an enduring confrontation with PB blaster
  9. Ive tried my 1/2" impact and it didnt budge, i know there are better impacts out there, i'll have to get my hands on one. The big problem i have is that the line for the brake fluid goes directly over that bolt so i cannot get directly on it with a socket and i also cant take the line off till i get some space by taking the bolts out ironically, i gotta use a crows foot and ontop of that, the radiator is above it aswell so i gotta use a swivel adapter to get on it good so even further lost torque. I could use a torque multiplier but crows foot wrenches cant take near as much as sockets can, they flex real bad and pop off the bolt. I definitely wanna stay away from torches, maybe it just needs a longer bath in some liquid wrench. I'll hit again this weekend and see if i cant coerce it to break free
  10. I dont have any of it in situ but i can point out with the pictures i'll have attached to this
  11. Hi Guys, Long story short one of my steering tillers starting pulsating slightly so i checked my steering brake pads and low and behold i am dearly in need of some new ones. I have the new pads and started replacing them, the one side went easy as pie and the piston slid right back into the caliper *almost* easy enough to do with your finger. Then the fun started with the other side. Despite all my might i cannot get the piston to press back into the caliper so i decided to take the caliper out so i can get at it better but alas i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the darn thing out. From my limited understanding there is two larger bolts that hold the mount for the caliper onto the gearbox and i can find the one but i literally cannot break the bolt free. Ive tried liquid wrench, PB Blaster, Cheater bars, Half inch impact and lastly just my Raw Might but nothing will get it to come lose. so obviously i should just jump to the other bolt but i cant find it? im not sure if you guys know any tips or tricks but im in desperate need of help here. P.S. If you guys know of where i can get a Fan Belt or a part number for a replacement that would be much appreciated it. Thanks in advance!
  12. Im glad you got it figured out, it made a world of difference when i finally got mine attached. No more slamming hatch!
  13. Im not sure if this is the right topic for this but correct me if im wrong! Anyhow, does anyone have some CVRT roadwheels that are in decent condition that theyd be willing to part with if I were to pay their fair share? Wyatt
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