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  1. My understanding is that they corrode. I am going to test to see if this is the problem. The Fox sat for ten plus years.
  2. Where can I find a new heat exchanger or someone to rebuild this? I'm in the states. Oil and water do not mix!
  3. Jag J60 4.2 Engine. Is the military long block the same as the civilian? Will the 4.2 out of car work for a long block?
  4. I have not heard of many runaways. If its going to happen, probably not in your driveway. The K rail would not work for tracked. They are usually around 6K pounds for a 20 foot stick. You could pour a 4 to 6 foot wide wedge that would fit between tracks and lift hull and tracks off ground. Still have to shut down engine. The ramp would have to be long and high enough to lift majority of track to keep it from moving forward. I would not worry as long as you keep good service.
  5. Use rebar not mesh. Have a footing at the transition area. 30K plus can be a problem over time if not prepped right. When cured wet drive way in the turn area will be better for your pads and maybe a little quieter.
  6. CRAFTSMAN Hand Impact Driver, 3/8-Inch Set (CMMT14104) - - Amazon.com
  7. Are the diffesential pressure valves rebuildable or are replacements around?
  8. Same side of motor.
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