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  1. Did you take any photos? Still do not know what the insides look like?
  2. Any word on possible links or tracks for a Universal (BREN) Carrier?
  3. I still cannot locate one for the one I am missing!
  4. I have a few periscope that fog or look terrible? Any suggestions?
  5. Do you know the difference between X XL and XZL ? I have located both XL and XZL pretty close in price. My originals are X.
  6. I have located some of the same sizes G177 The difference is my current is just X and the new is XL? Not really sure the difference. I have purchased from Boyce before. These are from Canada they are XZL 's? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-5-Michelin-XZL-11-00R20-off-road-tires-/181182206801
  7. This is very informative. Locating these tires in the states in usable condition has been a challenge. I wanted to have all info before I begin my purchase journey. Thanks again!
  8. Back to the original topic, are there any issues running a Fox without the run flats?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'm on this forum to learn? That is why I asked questions. Your information has been very helpful and I can see by your collection that you have a lot of experience in your stable. My Unimog has the lugs painted red and I found the red on the Fox similar.
  10. No user manual yet. On way from Green Machines. Does it really say Red = danger? I understand the significance.
  11. Why red? Is there some history or significance? Just curious. Everything else is green or black.
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