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  1. About to check the oil level in the wheel hubs and the identifying a tired a torsion bar to replace on the right side. Quickly we found out the effects of too many short garage starts with too long time in between. Result 1: a full day trying to solve a fuel pump gone amok just to find that it was a stuck float in the carburettor that was the cause, with the effect that whole system became flooded with fuel - learning: secure empty carburettor before storage (in this case only a month/couple of weeks was enough) Result 2: 3-4 cylinders igniting with huge white /grey smoke screen as
  2. Time for a couple of weeks pause . Short drive to the garage:
  3. I would be very interested to know that, what the ring is for
  4. As for smoke dischargers I have only found replica bases sofar, The actual tubes are something else out of metal and preliminary, but painted they will do until I am ready to source tubes with right dimensions
  5. Another break from the turret/fighting compartment, time to fix the sound (exhaust & silencer) so not deafening the whole surroundings everytime we start the engine. Since the old brackets had deteriorated completely I had bought new ones at grenmachinesurplus. Fairly easy to replace and then mount self-adhesive heat shield found at local car parts store. The new silencer I bought through a member of this forum
  6. Then on to a new round inthe fighting compartment, first layer of white on walls and floor, then mounting the turret floor and adjusting all contact points both sidewise and heigh. With this in place, it’sready for a final layer of white and fixing details before mounting all new parts and cords
  7. After many hours inside the heat of the "Turret Sauna" I took a brake by refreshing some items, most of which were brown of rust. Some before & after:
  8. Being satisifed with the exterior for now and with working floor mounts, the work continued with the fighting compartment: Once cleaned ( 4 x times fully flushed, brushing with both normal and steel brushes & degreaser- in Scandinavia we had 33-35 degrees C these days so a big Puhh), the floor got a layer of grey metallic base color. Wet-vacuum cleaner is a must.
  9. During the winter we had started with removing the turret floor bearings and their mount which were rusted completly solid after been under water for some time. After cleaning, WD -40, freeze rust solvent etc, they were still unmovable. 8 month in a Diesel bath, however has now released 4 out of 5 (the 6th in the picture was a working replacement i got with the procject), being ok for refitting after getting new side bearings
  10. With the lower hull painted and a ”proper” 40mm outer dia plumber pipe as barrel, she is starting to get the looks right. Until I get it threaded and mount the real flash hider, a small canvas bag filled with rolled magazines is a god substitute ”barrel end ”
  11. This summer started with mounting periscopes and night sight cover
  12. During winter, some time was spend to clean and paint the periscopes. As seen on this one, most rubbet gaskers were gone but by making a paper profile it was fairly easy to make new ones with a sharp knife and rubber mat sold per meter in a normal hardware store. Think I bought 1.5mm. Screws were found at greenmachinesurplus.
  13. Getting hold of a Night sight cover is practically impossible. Thank heaven there is a guy at this forum who made a sturdy replica out of fibreglass. Great job at a fair price. Dont know if he do more of them ( but if so, you can just post below J!)
  14. The work of sourcing, cleaning and installing parts begun; Front boxes and headlights. Milweb dealers and members on this forum are great sources,
  15. Arrived, and ready for next phase: Pressure clean, scrubbing with brushes and de-greaser together with some abraiding prepares for ne initial layer of paint. Paint does magic and is a morale booster for getting friends to help out, and attacking more boring stuff, me thinks. In the end, a good day's work. Can only recommend the paint from Marcus Gleen. To be continued ...
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