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CVRW Fox Stuck in Gear


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I've done alot of brainstorming and cant come to a solution myself so i'm gonna need some help before i really commit to tearing into my Fox.


As the title suggests I've got a FV721 Fox that is stuck in gear and i cant get it out. I took it for a few mile drive and as i got to my destination i found it wouldnt leave 5th gear. I did a lot of pedal changes in everygear to no avail.  I've got the access cover off to the gearbox and can see the adjuster moving when i depress the GCP. The gear seems to be fully engaged but the GCP only comes about halfway back then stops. I'm not sure how it normally is in 5th gear. I can easily bring the GCP closer than halfway like how it is in gears 1-4 if i pull on it. The Gear Selector (GS) seems to be functioning fine. I can watch the linkage move freely to the gearbox when i am selecting gears and i can hear the cam in the gearbox moving when i move the GS. I've tried shifting with the GS in between gears as some have shown that the linkage can come out of alignment and not actually be in  the gear you have selected but that produced no results either. The only thing i can think of is that either the spring that pulls the gear out of engagement has failed for 5th gear and thats why it wont disengage or its something with the spring loaded clutch that makes up 5th gear. This had been the first time i used 5th gear since i got it so i'm thinking that it might not have been used in a long time and got stuck when i used it? I have no idea. 

I'm just looking for some help if possible before i have to actually commit to randomly and inefficiently tearing my gearbox apart

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