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  1. A while back i discovered a Bofors gun emplacement and radar trailer 50 yards from each other in the Hogmoor training area near the REME tank training grounds after the Army moved out of Bordon Hampshire a while back. Built and operated by the Canadians during the war. The Bofors emplacement is now registered with Historic England by myself and the radar trailer fenced off which is in a state of disrepair. I am working with the town council and Historic England to preserve the emplacement as best we can. As with the radar Trailer a GL Number 3 Mk2, original to the emplacement, which was
  2. Fly the red flag with a white circle in the centre with a black squiggle and you will be defently in with the coucil especially if its East hants at penns palace.
  3. I knew a guy who was into steam engine tractors etc. His yard was full of very nice vintage cars and trucks. Every time people came to the yard he was offered generous money to save them for restoration but he refused saying they are valuable and rare and wouldn't sell anything he would get more money. When he died and they cleared his yard which he had tons of good stuff. Nearly all the vehicles fell to pieces and had passed any basket case restoration. At the estate auction there was hardly anything there vehicle wise. There was a Humber 1 ton truck the one they converted to the pig, pre pig
  4. I believe there is a After the Battle article write up about the scrap yard where most WW2 vehicles came from, it had all sorts. When i last visited about 10 years ago the sheds at the back were full of military vehicles. There was quite a lot of stuff under the flyover bridge which you had to go under to get to the yard. Funny place to get to.
  5. Most difficult part of building a replica tank In 1/1 or any scale is finding drawings with measurements or the original drawings. I am gathering informations and scaling models etc to build a A13 Mk2 Cruiser tank. Building part a piece of cake, getting correct sizes a bloody nightmare.
  6. Thanks Rick, i will certainly look forward to the visit, with all this Corona rubbish about it will have to be next year.
  7. Sorry to hear about the problems finding someone to tackle the engine. Great bit of kit the Covenanter, love to pop up one day and see it in the flesh.
  8. Hi Rick, hows the Covenanter progressing or has colvid put a stop on that so far.
  9. Would love to buy this as there is a relic one up the road near a Bofors gun site left after the war by the Canadians, but due to circumstances can only dream.
  10. I used aluminium solder sticks to weld up a aluminium project. Worked very well.
  11. BC312

    Where is this?

    This has been on Youtube a while.
  12. Saw this on youtube two youths sneaking around someones yard. Must say theres some nice stuff that should be put in a barn.
  13. I see that people who run vintage bikes use Avgas. I have seen youtube videos of how to extract ethanol from petrol, looks straight forward. Not sure if there is some kind of additive you can add that reduces the effects of ethanol.
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