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  1. Hi Derek thanks for the offer i do have one now. But it would be great if you could put your offer over the wider net as ive been asked for one myself. Would you mind if i copy your email address to Facebook Albion CX22S web page thanks again
  2. Thats a shame it looks to be complete. Ive just looked on google earth where abouts is the trailer as its a massive site.
  3. Any news on this trailer was it saved?
  4. Hi can any one tell me if there are any British made trailer legs ( Landing Legs ) I'm sure there must have been in the past I've looked on the net but only found the usual new Joist ones. Any ideas thanks
  5. Thanks for all the info, cheers guys new some one would able help
  6. Very similar to the one in this picture
  7. Can any one tell me at what age you do not need to MOT a trailer thanks
  8. Hi i saw this Albion cx22s advert on eBay a while ago and i wondered where it ended up. Has any one got any pictures. Thanks
  9. Do you still take your Albion out to shows or is it on permanent display at Duxford. Ive only every seen 3 mine my fathers and one other that was in a sorry state.
  10. Can any one tell me where the Albion WD CX22s carried its massive spare wheel, may be some one may have a picture. Thanks
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