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My latest project

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I've sent you an email with a link to a good condition magneto chain cover if you still need one.


Thanks for the heads up Chris. Have replied to your email.


Cheers Ron

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I know it's been well over a year since my last post on this thread, but in that time, a few issues have been dealt with.

Firstly, it was pointed out by Lex, that the rebuilt D shaped speedo that I bought off Malcolm Leach was in fact, "post war" but he kindly donated a war-time shell into which I've transferred the innards and glass from the other one.

Also I got a horrible feeling about not being able to remember the seal for the big end oil feed, so the timing cover had to come off. It turned out that a brass insert had been fitted (modification??) So I removed it and fitted an original type cork seal. Again donated by Carl from Guernsey as he'd had some made for his Model D. Carl also donated a decent timing chain cover to replace my painted cover.

Another thing that I didn't like was that I couldn't kick the engine through compression without my newly corked clutch slipping. On inspection of the factory strip down photo, you can clearly see that they used a 350 clutch and not the 250 clutch that I'd used.......So a 350 (model C) clutch has been acquired and fitted.  Ron

EXP DC 523.jpg

EXP DC 527.jpg

EXP DC 529.jpg

TCM_SUP_46 (2).jpg

EXP DC 493.jpg

EXP DC 536.jpg

Edited by Ron

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It's all back together Chris with no signs of touching anywhere, and it kicks through compression without slipping now. The factory pictures seem to show that they used the standard 250 chaincase.

The outer case is the one that  Alan Swainson made for me, copied from yours, and since old Alan has passed away now, I won't be replacing it, even if an original turned up. Ron


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