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  1. I think that's called coming to terms with reality? Andy
  2. What does the manual say? 😉 Andy
  3. "Periscope, Sighting, AFV Mk.2" I'm sure someone on here will recognise it. Andy
  4. It would be really helpful if they'd provided a photo! Andy
  5. Looking at the pictures, isn't that just a heater/demister? That may explain why Chris hasn't seen one plugged up before? Andy
  6. Not a comedy, but I wish they'd repeat Warship from the 1970s. Andy
  7. I'm bemused as to why they seem to be using Adobe's logo though. Perhaps it's made of discarded PDFs? 🙂 Andy
  8. Google is your friend for this, there's lots of information on the 'net about modifying Clansman headsets for various things. Here's the headset pinout: http://www.g0ozs.org/clansman/audio.shtml Andy
  9. As said, it isn't a balun. Just remove it from circuit as you've suggested and then use a VSWR meter to cut a whip to a suitable length. I've done this before and it works. Andy (M0IJH)
  10. andym


    Shock is usually the best thing for things like this, continuous high torque is less effective. Find a spanner that fits properly (important with a brass fitting), knock it first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Andy
  11. Don't worry, I know that feeling! Andy
  12. This may be a silly question, but isn't it the same as the one you've got on the other side? Andy
  13. I think you're getting confused between the Hunts and the Sandowns - the Hunts have never had electric propulsion. Andy
  14. For info, the Deltics in the Hunt Class Minehunters have now all been replaced by conventional Caterpillar diesels. Andy
  15. They'll keep you busy! Andy
  16. There's a company in the USA (whose name I can't remember) who are getting research funding from the DoD to look into high efficiency electronically managed two-strokes, which they claim are more efficient than four-strokes. Times have changed since Detroit diesels! Andy
  17. From the Wikipedia page: Andy
  18. Don't worry about it, everyone does it for some reason. I suspect too much Abbott! Andy
  19. That is indeed a K60, presumably from the Swedish S tank. Interesting to see it in a different configuration to "normal"; the oil tank has swapped sides, the hydraulic pump has been blanked off and there only seems to be one alternator, the other having been replaced by what looks like a toothed belt pulley.. Andy
  20. Here's a pic of the radiator if it helps. I always wonder why people get confused between "Abbott", which is a beer, and "Abbot", which is an SPG ... 😉 Andy
  21. I'd agree with Barry - just put a dead battery in it! Andy (M0IJH)
  22. Any more news on the engine, Rick? Andy
  23. Or perhaps one set of tillers does brakes, the other does something crafty in the steering box? Andy
  24. andym

    Stalwart FFR

    Thoroughly recommended, from personal experience. Andy
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