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  1. Ah - that was what I meant, even if it wasn't what I said! 🙂 Andy
  2. In that case could you let me know its VRN when you've got a moment? I'm keeping a loose register of where the remaining Abbots are. Mine is 08EB10, for reference. Andy
  3. Was that Mark Hart's Abbot, out of interest? Andy
  4. Ours was more subtle - it even retained (widened) steel wheels and hubcaps. Andy
  5. One of my friends at college had a soft top split-screen convertible. We put a Rover 3.5 litre V8 in it ... Andy
  6. PTS Norfolk or Sema4radios are probably a good place to start. Andy
  7. When in build in Rosyth she had what must be the world's largest nut and bolt store occupying most of the hangar deck. Every size and type of metric nut, bolt and washer you've ever seen. And all the Health and Safety signs were dual language - English and Polish! Andy
  8. The civilian versions of that engine had temperature gauges so it shouldn't be too difficult other than the 12V/24V issue? Andy
  9. An FFR or TCB RB44 does indeed have two alternators, one 12V for the vehicle and another, 24V for the radio batteries. The two systems are completely separate. Andy
  10. No, I work in Portsmouth. I'm also one of the moderators of the FV430 Forum referred to above. Andy
  11. No real complaints from me although I agree about the lack of stands with anything other than Jeep and LR spares. I discovered an FV430 variant I hadn't seen before (Cervantes) and met up with several friends. (Clive - my apologies for not returning to you but I got sidetracked replacing a friend's fuel pump, you know how it is!) Andy
  12. Do you mean the saddlebags? Andy
  13. Agreed - the ammunition in the turret makes a lot of difference! Andy
  14. No swim board, though! Andy
  15. It, the Stolly and the 432 have just moved to their new barn so hopefully I'll be back to working on them again. Andy
  16. My clutch plates were fine despite the vehicle being left outside under a tarpaulin for over a year, but I've been told that a suitable lever through the bellhousing inspection access works wonders if needed. Andy
  17. Plenty of traffic heading down to Overlord this weekend! Andy
  18. It wouldn't be the first time an ISPL has been out of sync with the vehicles! Andy
  19. That would be my suggestion too, my Abbot had the VRM written under one of the seat pads in the turret. Otherwise, unlike the 432, there is no chassis or hull number on the vehicle itself. Andy
  20. That's what I found in the ISPL, but the filter doesn't look like that. There's a completely different drawing in the repairs manual. Andy
  21. Can anyone tell me what washer is fitted to the oil scavenge filter covers on a Meteor 4B in a Centurion? One engine we looked at had flat copper washers, another had paper. The drawing in the manual looks like some sort of spiral affair but annoyingly it doesn't seem to appear in the parts list. Andy
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