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  2. I think the smaller one is the Generator No.1. What is the Gen Panel No.? I believe it is possible to fit a 2-speed Generator Panel No.2 in place of the single speed panels. I have some experience of the 2-speed panel but not the single speed. I would be tempted at the moment to take all voltage readings direct from the battery as added on things by a previous owner like a voltmeter are not necessarily placed in the most appropriate place, in terms where & how effectively it is earthed & whether +ve voltage monitoring point is most appropriate eg the instrument panel is fed by a 10A thermal cut out, which can get unreliable & even when the contacts are open circuit can still supply a voltage albeit with very low current capabilities because of the flow through the coil winding which is something like 150 ohms. The voltage that appears is dependant on what other demands are being place on the circuit in such circumstances. In the first post you mention turning on the "panel lights" is that the single bulb to illuminate instruments or the main light switch in the Switchboard No.1 ? Of course the other panel lights (red & yellow) come on when the ignition switch is turned on initially. What was the problem with the starter motor? Are you certain it was at fault & not the ancillary wiring in some way, given that you have these other issues?
  3. Thank you for the replies, no I had not joined that group but have now. Thank you
  4. By ignition lights I mean the oil / generator lights. The vehicle has a voltage gauge wired up in a panel along with a wind up clock generator is the smaller one bolted to front of passenger seat No2 Mk1/2 ( I think) will have to check tomorrow I’ve only had it a few weeks so not sure how long it’s played up, what I don’t understand is why it seems to alternate between the two problems
  5. One side is face, one side is skeletal. A reminder that war is not so glorious.
  6. What do you mean by the ignition lights? The charge warning light (red), the oil pressure warning light (yellow), panel illumination lights. All of these or some of these? 22-25v is far too low with the engine running, should be more like 28V. Where are you measuring the voltage? Directly on the batteries or somewhere off the loom? Do you have Generator No.1 or No.2? Has it always worked properly & then just started playing up or always been a bit like this since you have had it?
  7. Amazing if rather gruesome. He should make people stop and stare!
  8. I’m confused, As my starter motor is playing up at the moment ( replacement on order) I have been connecting and disconnecting the cables etc. as a result of this sometimes the ignition lights don’t light up but the gauges move and the engine starts with the crank or they light up and engine starts normally When the engine is running the voltage gauge is around 22-25, turning the lights on doesn’t make it fluctuate, however, the red light bulb lights up very very dimly, but if I turn on the panel lights then the volts dip really low and the red light illuminates bright. other times after disconnecting and reconnecting the starter all ignition lights work every time but starter either works or squeals ( not engaging ring), however, voltage gauge reads high, no glow on red light and panel lights do not affect voltage reading. any ideas? Is it a starter motor fault affecting everything else or do I need to start checking wiring loom?
  9. A few pics before the public arrive, the rather haunting figure is twice life size.
  10. Disappointed in you Olaf, I thought you would recognise a Chevy!
  11. Yes there were sand couloured jerry cans in Normandy. I was given two that had been liberated by a farmer's father in 1944 . They were and always had been sand.
  12. Well, I will post a few pictures, but this was back in my army days. I have not worked on the m4 much this summer, the heat index has been up to 116, hot hot. I will drink a few beers, so cheers
  13. Surprised to see a Dutch Daf 126 so far from here. What is that 2 axle GMC looking truck?
  14. Dependant on unit / location. A Small Map of the Garrison Area.
  15. Thanks I've given that a try.
  16. I have one similar to the green one in the post above but of considerable age, painted red oxide and measuring 7 1/4" extreme length (which is rather shorter than the green one I think). It does not have the rubber nozzle. I have always assumed it was ex-mod as it came from a surplus dealer but there are no markings on it. It has a vent pipe that comes out of the base of the tube part and curves over the part that seals to the can. If the green one above had one it would be just visible at the very top of the photo. David PS, I have had mine for about 30 years and it was far from new when I got it.
  17. This is one I have, but there is something in my mind that I have seen one rigid no part can bend
  18. Have you tried the Jerry Can Forum on Facebook yet ? Here is their link https://www.facebook.com/groups/JerryCanForum/
  19. Have you looked at the Jerry Can Forum on Facebook yet ? you will defiantly find your answer there. Here is their link https://www.facebook.com/groups/JerryCanForum/
  20. Last week
  21. The Jerry Can spout shown in the photo is still in use today by the British Forces, curiously it doesn't have a breather tube which was fitted to longer spouts which are no longer used.
  22. Robin, I have only ever seen a nozzle similar to the one in the photo. John
  23. Dear All, The most important document is the 'work ticket' which has to be signed by an officer or Senior NCO. That is the driver's authority to take the vehicle out on the road. I think that it is either FMT 600 or 1000. The other vital doc is FMT 3 accident report form. It is a very useful doc for recording accident details. There should also be MT Drivers rule book. I cannot remember what that is called. The vehicle should also carry a user hand book and a servicing schedule. Finally, breakdown orders which would vary according to where the vehicle is operating and whether or not it was on an exercise. John.
  24. This link should help you:- http://hmvf.co.uk/search/?q=Document wallets &type=forums_topic&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
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