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Stuart Tanks M-5

abn deuce

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Export of Stuart M-5 Tanks at a VERY good price , Wonder if any of them survived their military service and avoided the scrap man ?


Caption: Surplus American M-5 Stuart light tanks being loaded for shipment to China after being purchased for $1,000 each by Chinese Nationalist forces who are battling the communist Red Army. Location: Philadelphia, PA, US Date taken: 1950 Photographer: Thomas D. Mcavoy



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Nice orderly rows of training tanks after the end of the WWII

from the Life magazine site

Aerial view of the US Army depot storing unused equipment. Location: Tooele, UT, US Date taken: March 27, 1946 Photographer: Charles E. Steinheimer



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Your right guess the title of the thread needs to change or the fourth and fifth posting need to be put into a new one thread , Can a Mod help me ?


Not neccesary I think.

There still Stuarts!

Cool pics by the way, thanks!

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Not a stop gap, the British army used them from 1941 through till the 1950's in one form or another.


By D-Day, the main model in use was the M3A3, known as the Stuart V as in the last pic with some M5A1s, Stuart VI coming in. These were used as recce tanks but some earlier M3A1s were still in use. By the end of the war, many of the Stuart Vs had lost their turrets to provide a lower sillouette.

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