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Bomb sight boxes

Tony B


Of special intrest to Jessie the Jeep. The only information I have on these boxes is that they wee used to hold geology specimins from the Natural History Museum. Following that they subsequently lived in a loft for umpteen years. about seven or eight years ago the widow of the NHM man was moving house, I helped her move some stuf and she gave me these. The boxes are marked as photo, the small writing is Case Storage 9/2226. The paper label I've no idea what it refers to.


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These Bomb Sight Computors were sold in 1950-60s by Arthur Sallis, 93 North Road, Brighton. Although I bought a lot of surplus electrical stuff from this interesting shop, I never bought one of these computors (note spelling) In his illustrated catalogue they looked to be a mass of dials & gear wheels.


One purchase I did make was a time bomb mechanism. These were electro-wound spring mechanisms that could be set form 15 mins to 44 days. It did work, but schoolboy meddling with a screwdriver soon put paid to that.


I'm a bit confused about the Stores Vocab Ref, it doesn't tie in with the 1948 lists I have. Although other wartime bits I have seen do conform to the 1948 lists. So perhaps there was a change of system during the war?

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