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Next year's going to be hard.


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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)
Not sure if we´re on the same page, but for a guy (or girl) in Holland with a sound technical background and not afraid to get their hands dirty, the employers line up in great numbers.


We have welders, fitters, mechanics, you name it, coming from all over Europe and beyond working here.



And the Moorings are a quarter of the price,you are making it sound attractive.Just one drawback.the weather no better than here.:-D

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Thats a nice boat!

Maybe a HMVF jolly boys outing to holland in it next year! after all, you do look like uncle albert!:-D






Great looking boat, Cat. was it already named Destiny, or is that your and Pat's choice ??


( did read somwhere, changing a boats name was considered bad luck. )



I think like most folk already posted, the shows I'll be doing will be the ones I ENJOY doing, next year, (as opposed to ,- 'its the weekend, so and so show is on,........book and go,even though last year it wasn't very good)..............of the (as far as I know at the mo,) Mil mayhem is one such show I'll be attending. :-D

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