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What's this Humber?


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Where was the pic taken Clive?

The guy i brought my pig off, his brother has a humber and has been led up for years.

but dont know the reg.


I think is was Duxford.


But as that very irritating M&S advert goes "This isn't just an ordinary Humber, this Humber......."


Any ideas?

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UVE433K - appeared in Wheels & Tracks magazine, number 6, as part of their article on the FV1600 series. Pictured at Duxford in 1981, it was said to be owned by a Mr M Goodman and is, of course, a FV1622 Malkara missile test vehicle.

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UVE433K -


it was said to be owned by a Mr M Goodman and is, of course, a FV1622 Malkara missile test vehicle.




I recollect Mr. Goodman had one of the first Saracens on the rally scene, a GPO version. Just looked through my photos and found the Saracen, lurking behind it is this same Humber, photo taken at MVCG Knebworth Park D-Day rally in 1983. I recollect the owner came from Cambridgeshire. My photo is of little use as it shows no more than the one you have.

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You are both correct that it is described in W&T as FV1622 Malkara Missile Test. But the article is incorrect it is not a FV1622; the giveaway is the raised roof which can be raised further. It is described as a metal roof but is in fact merely a metal frame supporting a translucent fibreglass roof to give light through to a workshop beneath. I spoke to Mike Goodman about 12 years ago & he was fascinated to learn its true designation & purpose.


As an aside the FV1622 is often improperly described as the Test vehicle. Officially it is Truck, Power Supply, Electrical & Pneumatic, Malkara the test facilities are actually towed behind in the FV2308® Trailer,Test Equipment, Guided Missile.


The Humber here started as a FV1601(A) 00 BK 36 together with 18 BK 90 they were modified under Design Spec BV618 to become FV1623 Truck, Guided Missile Repair, Malkara. Work started on 22 May 1962 & after trials further modifications started on 28 March 1963. All this work was done at 18 Command Workshops at Bovington.


The roof when fully raised gave a working height inside of 6ft. Large penthouses at the side were erected to give a dust free environment which included an integral canvas floor. The electrical supply from the engine was the same as the Hornet ie 100A alternator driving a rotary converter delivering 115V at 400Hz. This supplied identical guidance units that were in the Hornet.


As a last resort the vehicle could be stripped of its engine & guidance control units & fitted into a damaged Hornet.


Once in service the vehicle adopted the designation Truck, Equipment Electronic Repair Malkara. This reflected the fact that repair facilities it provided were also for the guidance system and not just for the missile. The Humber then assumed the designation FV1624, to distinguish to it from FV1623, which was used during development.


The man who designed all this is still alive & I have known him for 14 years. I have been very lucky to have had sight of minutes of meetings deliberating over this project. Although I have some photos unfortunately the design drawings have been destroyed.

00 BK 36 was sold of in 1971 for £90.

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Interesting and informative. Many thanks.


Thank you. If you want more detail including the tentage & various shots of the set up have a look in Windscreen Summer 2003 Issue 99. I was very lucky to have the close co-operation of the designer, without which this bit of history would have just fizzled away.


I always hope at shows to interface with people who can shed some light on the history of your vehicle type. I am always ready with my address cards to try to follow up on photos or documents which are promised. Of the strength of such promises I have given out 30-40 such cards this season. As yet I have had no response at all. Usually the response rate is about 10%, but some gems have turned up eventually.


Although this particular Humber contact was the result of an advert in Pegasus that put me in contact with the EME of the trials unit for Malkara.

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