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  1. I would really like some black 70s ones. Yes these brown ones remain a mystery. Hopefully someone out there can solve it!
  2. Hi all. I recently acquired these brown leather 1979 N.I gloves with black cuffs. They are a mystery to me. Both are labelled the same. Any ideas?
  3. Oh and the one in the photo is (and remains) mine. I got it from USA. Strange there are no images, no information and you never see one, I've found the same thing.
  4. Hi sorry for the late reply I haven't logged in for years! Yes i saw one go on eBay too, maybe a couple of years ago? He'd clearly removed all the labels and successfully passed it off as some kind of mysterious rarity. I cringed when I saw the end price... someone is going to get a big comedown one day! Lovely colours and a nice quality. Slightly flimsy feeling zip. But otherwise a cracking looking garment.
  5. I just acquired this, with the 0 in front of the size is it Gurkha issue perhaps ?
  6. Interesting to see again that the parka is the same maker and contract. So far I have never seen a different one and this furthers my suspicion that this was the only run of them (unless anyone has a variant?). Did it come with that early 80's liner? No sign of the original liner? This parka was definitely a superior build and design quality to the heavy cotton one that became issue. Apart from the noisy material.
  7. That's a great piece. I bet that book is a fascinating read!
  8. Resurrecting an old thread it seems! Here are a couple of interesting additions. The one in the left is a size 3 (1967) and has the addition of chest pockets. The one on the right is a size 4 from the previous year and does not.
  9. Hi all. Quick competition (Although there is no prize for the winner!) Who can identify this windproof smock? No label shots as obviously that's cheating. I recently saw on go on the bay for a lot of money Edwards53 you're barred from entering as you already know the answer! 😃
  10. As requested here are some photo's of the Size 2 Cookson and Clegg Ltd manufactured liner Size 2, dating to approximately 1972, that accompanied the first type DPM Parka. Also pictured is the separate face/throat piece that attached to the hood side by two press studs. Note that the receiving studs were only on one side of the hood so there was no left or right handed option! Obviously this design feature was dropped for the mass production model. Discussion of the parka itself already exists on here so I won't double up on that. But here is proof concrete that there was a dedicated liner produced, manufactured by the same company and with the same contract number. The liner itself is very much as the metric sized ones. Velcro attachments in the same places including the cuffs, three velcro fasteners, mesh under arm vents, same cut, same materials. The face/throat piece has no label or markings. Note the brown trims, visible on earlier liners. The face/throat piece would have added a nice bit of wind cover on sentry duty but seems a strangely 'lluxurious' design idea, and it is no surprise that it did not go on to be adopted. I would be interested to know if anybody else owns one, or has seen them before, as I had not before I acquired this one. Thanks.
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