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Sidcup revisted


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Went back to Sidcup to day to try and complete the OT's registration process. And was greeted by the news those oh-so-helpful-and-friendly people at Chelmsford have been phoning around complaining about over-size vehicles being registered!!!

Staff at Sidcup were as helpful as possible and took the paper work (all of it) for processing together with the fee of £145.57 as well as my phone numbers and said they'll be in touch if anything goes wrong with the application. If it goes through I should hear within 3 to 5 days.


So -right now - any prayers for a successful completion offered to the deity(s) of your choice would be much appreciated!!!

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Good luck Neil,


I hope it works out well after all your aggrevation and treasure draining joys... I keep thinking we need one of those rubbishy BBC comedy drama series about MV owners. Anyone fancy helping with the script.


See how many times we can get TANK in the first episode. Rhymes with....

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Don't worry Mark - the joy is still there as regards the vehicle. :):)


Definitely getting fed-up trying to be all legal and law-abiding though!!! The authorities seem to want to encourage people to ignore the rules and regs rather than trying to work with them.... :argh:

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