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Unlikely I know but has anybody had any dealings with these folk in Austria ? Think they may have advertised in CMV in the past but can't find an ad just now .


Just musing on the possibility of making a vehicular purchase (from my trawls of the net they seem to be the only place in the world that has what I'm looking for , albeit unrestored ) .


S'a long way from us ole bouys in Essex to the outskirts of Vienna .

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I think most of that type of vehicle were battle feild expediencey. The bigger ones like the 54 64 were mainly second line from Forward aid post back to feild hospital. that seems to be how the TOE works. I shouldn't think you'd want to go far hanging over the back of a Jeep.

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The KD64 is an intresting beast. The original Dodge ambulances were conventional tin boxes. These were found to be fragile in shipping and take up a lot of shipping space compared to the double decking system used to pack the WC51 & 52. There was also manufacturing considerations. the result was to lenghten the the rear body of the weapons carrier and add a ply and metal flat pack body. The diffrences bettween KD and WC54 are obvious.


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