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Please HELP, anyone know what this is?


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French, if you are at the Hop Farm this weekend or so, keep an eye out for similar on White scout cars and anything else.

I'm pretty sure the flaming grenade is an infantry formation sign - not Chasseurs - can't be overly strong on it - but probably motorised/mechanised in your case. Looks like an eight or a nine as the regimental or formation number. Could have been over painted a few times.



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Thanks for ideas, all the french ones I have seen, seem to be much narrower with the leaves/flames or whatever they are closer together and straighter. There are a few examples on GMC's in the book "GMC a universal truck" but they don't look quite so flamboyant? Doesn't look like I am going to get chance of trip to beltring, so please keep alook out and get some snaps if poss

thanks all


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I have a warm feeling about Tony B's Foreign Legion suggestion. Flaming grenades are very popular with them and like he says, they used a lot of cast-off US (and other) kit prior to the Day of the Jackal putsch that almost saw them disbanded entirely.


See Simon Murray's seminal work: Legionnaire - nowadays it has a subtitle: Legionnaire: An Englishman in the French Foreign Legion, a masterpiece of FFL history. Indeed the only description of those events available to an official historian (who had access to the Legion archives) was to quote from Murray's book.


See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Murray

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