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Finally got a delivery date!!


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Had a phone call from the haulage firm tonight - we are Go for collection of the OT on Monday!! :yay:

He's dropping a fork lift off at Duxford then coming on to collect the OT from March and delivering it to Gt Yeldham. So I rang Russian Military and they will have the OT out of the sheds ready. I'm going up first thing in the morning and taking one of the PKT's with me to see about fitting it in the turrret.

Then rang the chap in charge of the hangar at Gt Yeldham to get let in Monday afternoon - only to find he's in hospital! So a mad bout of phoning then ensued to find spme one with a set of keys. Seems we were all supposed to have had keys by now - but the Council inspectors broke one in the lock meaning a new padlock had to be fitted and the whole key cutting business started again.

Anyways - once she's home I can then concentrate on the two remaining issues:

1) Getting her registered and taxed.

2) Sourcing a KVPT for the main turret weapon.


Looks like good news happening at last!! :):)

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Man that darn bad luck gremlin just does not want to leave our fine members alone. it even want so far as to put a chap into hospital !!!

But it seems you were able to get past this last ditch attack , WELL DONE !

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First bit of fun is going to be slotting it into it's bay in the hangar - in between two pristine Leyland Leopards!!! :sweat: :wow:


Got the H test booked as well with Nick Mead on the 16th June - so it does like like it's finally all coming together!!

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Guest AMVG

bad news, we with neil today to collect the ot-90, the bad luck gremlin has struck again, it's still sitting up there @ march:cry::cry::cry:

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'Cos the low-loader got lost trying to find the location and when we went out to get him and guide him in he decided he'd had enough and went home!!!:argh::argh:


Waste of a day and £50 worth of diesel - needless to say I'm NOT a happy bunny right now!!!! :argh: :argh:


So -I've now done what I probably should have done from square one and askd Richard to get it shipped down for me.


On kind of the plus side - we tried fitting the PKT whilst waiting and found it needed a mounting slide that has the sighting adjuster on it. None of the OT's there had this slide ( we looked!!) so Richard is going to try and get one from the Czech's


Also fitted the Aerial for the first time - by christ it's massive!!

Makes a Clansman one look like a twig - but the max range of the radio on board is only 23 miles.....

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It's an option Lee. :)


I need to see what Richards firm comes back with first re. prices.


Edit: Also I forgot - I've been asked to take a vehicle to the Ford vehicle day at Dunton on July 16th and really the OT is the only one left either not in 5,000,000 peices or usable......

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