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Hello from Northants


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Welcome to the drying out clinic.


If you go through the clubhouse entrance, down the corridor on the left, past the ballroom and turn right into the snooker room you will see a mop and bucket left under the portrait of Henry Ford . This is yours to use during your probationary period. Don't worry, there will be biscuits and dancing girls....but not for a while.


MB (Gangmaster)

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Hey Matt,

I've been going to Military Vehicles Anonymous every Thursday evening for the past six months but it doesn't seem to have helped me much. Maybe, deep down, I just don't want to get better. Fortunately, this lot on here aren't too nosey, so I haven't yet had to "come out" and reveal the full extent of my old army lorry habit. Is your surname Green by any chance ?

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couldn't get out of the shared driveway easily, couldn't get a big enough garage built, n couldnt afford the petrol for a car , a motorbike a Jeep and a dodge and as the dodge was the worst for fuel usage, something had to give..... twas a shame she was a loverly and imposing vehicle :-)

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"Is your surname Green by any chance ?" Close but no cigar.....


6x6, your landys not red is it by anychance??


No, matt green, Matt.


The Matt Green I knew had a sister named Olive. Not that it Matters.

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