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  1. well yesterday but any who...... x2 Jeeps,x1M38?, x1 1/2ton dodge command car in bishop auckland town center, and some ww2 US navy prop plane.....
  2. I marked mine up with blackout markings on wings, handles and front n rear bumpers....may give you more of an idea on how yours may look?
  3. also it's not a hard n fast rule that bumperettes have to be inverted , I've seen just as many pics (on yank AF stations) with them pointing up and down.....
  4. MT606


    would anyone recommend using retreads for occasional laning and general road use? it would only be for a low powered/slow (max 60mph) vehicle. Now if I could find NDTs jeep or other for 15inch rims I would go for them. tar in advance....... sorry if in the wrong section btw...?
  5. Did the yanks get lost or something? I thought the only time they got that low was take off n landing.... bloody good pics btw, some major ex on was there?
  6. Antarmike.... OUCH indeed!!!!!!! havent been for the last 6yrs or so since it was at the old quagmire site. Hear the new site is better, but never liked interbreeding...... anyone got a tank they can use on some caravans??? I know of a few dozen parked up...:cool2:
  7. December last yr at station 105, Chelveston, well whats left of it....
  8. Hasn't this all gone Pete tong?
  9. MT606

    Petrol Price

    96.9!!!! it wasnt an old petrol station thats shut down years ago was it?!? what supplier was it?
  10. Lanc, Blenheim and Hampden.
  11. couldn't get out of the shared driveway easily, couldn't get a big enough garage built, n couldnt afford the petrol for a car , a motorbike a Jeep and a dodge and as the dodge was the worst for fuel usage, something had to give..... twas a shame she was a loverly and imposing vehicle :-)
  12. "Is your surname Green by any chance ?" Close but no cigar..... 6x6, your landys not red is it by anychance??
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