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Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen

Guest Ops Officer

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Guest Ops Officer

I thought it would be good as i am a new addition to the fold, to let you know who i am...


Jack introduced me to the site and how glad am i! :D The wealth of information here is a gold mine. I have a Dodge M37 1952 and will be rebuilding it to use rather than for shows alone. I always used to have jeeps but the Dodge is the truck for me!


I used to kill for a living and now only do it at weekends. Due to the current defence cuts i have had to resort to my owm green fleet transportation as soon minibusses will be taking exercising troops around the country.


My Civillian job is as a civil engineer with Winchester City Council.


I am mad about all forms of gadget but prefer things built to last like the mighty Dodge!


I love Scuba Diving and shooting and have a miriad of other interestests that suck cash from my wallet at an alarming rate... Not including my wife.


Back to the Truck currently it needs a bit of electrics and the engine giving a little TLC to drive. (Oh yes and a rear brake pipe set for the rear axel.


Any one got any in thge back of their garage?

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Hello old boy!


Got your pc working then :shock:


Nice to have you here at last and have you any pictures of your dodge that you can post up? ......but we all know that real men drive GMC's :shock:


See you soon.



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