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MV insurance


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When I got my insurance earlier this year, it was just over £100. I was 35 at the time. I'm not sure how much this would increase for a 17 year old, but I can't see it being huge. Ever tried getting an online quote for a jeep!!!! Best off phoning a few of the specialist insurance companies.



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Hi Bowie


Im 18 and have a Dodge wc51 it cost me £180 through my dad to insure her. I past my driving test last year on the 9th of dec 2004 but when i got my truck in august this year no insurance company would insure me unless i had a years driving experience some even said that they wouldnt take me on till im 25 !!!!


But on the 9th of this month i was finally able to take her out!

i was able to get insurance with the company Footman James


Best Regards

Merry Christmas



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When I was 18 there was no problem insuring me on the Ferret. Suddenly this year, when I was 22 they said I needed to be 25! After we pointed out that they'd insured me for 4 years and we'd never made a claim, they agreed to insure me again.


I think you'd have difficulty persuading them to insure a 17 year old, they said the rule had changed and it was hard to make an exception. Already having insurance was the key in my case!

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I am with Roadsure, good value £130 for 2 pigs, 2 shorlands & a hornet. But you do have to keep an eye on these people. I found out recently that unilaterally they have decided their records show that all 5 vehicles were made in 1960 & the engine capacity of each was now 200cc :evil:


So I don't know what would have happened if I made a claim, I never told them that nonsense. In any dealings you have to remember the person on the phone may not be technically minded as she didn't seem to think it strange that 6 ton vehicle was powered by just a 200cc engine.

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