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  1. Whilst browsing the forum, I had my Norton pop and say it had stopped an attack. Unfortunately this isn't the first time while being on this site. Before anyone suggests that it maybe because my history has activated "dodgy or adult related" advertising, it wasn't. And yes I had other browser windows open, but they had been open for a fair while and had only been on a new window with HMVF for few minutes before the attack. I am aware that the forum doesn't have any hold over what is advertised, and that there is an increased activity of malware being hidden in online adverts.
  2. Just a quick update seeing as its past my bed time. The scrap box above has found a new home, they were handed to their new guardian at Malvern and will hopefully land up in a very interesting project. The whole idea is to downsize and concentrate on one area! Well 2 or 3 actually maybe 4 areas! Dougy
  3. Best I can do this time of night! Dougy
  4. I was speaking to David H about it last night, he suggested that it could be because the fv433 and fv434 have additional start switches. The only flaw is, do Abbots have a second switch? Dougy
  5. It could be frowned upon, but I suppose the simplest way to tell if it is a pack side problem is to put a good known 24v source to A on the engine junction and the starter should operate, but only do if your confident, deliberate and have taken precautions if it should try to start, lots could go wrong! Dougy
  6. I would still check the gearchange inhibiter switch before pulling the pack. Just because you have 24v at the engine junction box doesn't mean the amps are getting through. I would also say that when you operate the start switch the "additional" relay as Andy has mentioned, but would operate as it is before the inhibiter, and would complete its circuit. If you look at diagram, the relay is a poor addition by hand (centre of pic by TB3) and an asterix marks where the inhibiter is located in the circuit. Dougy
  7. Was just looking at the wiring diagram in the online electrical manual on the fv430 website, and noticed that the fv433 and fv434 do seem different, their gearchange inhibiter switch is located after the DLB and before the PPJ. Dougy
  8. Just realised I missed these off, Not sure if they are individual antenna, or part of one? Dougy
  9. Here's the rest of the items... A couple of mast clamps I believe? Another one that I have no idea what it could be Some sort of mounting bracket Some sort of strut/extension? Sorry second pic didn't come out very good, but says its a fuel gauge processor A radio filter I believe these boxes may be CVRT? While we were at the Ashdown sale, someone said this head set may be helicopter related? A power supply for BID Some sort of manpack battery, slightly bigger that a Clansman 4AH one Dougy
  10. Hi Chris, I'll put the cable to one side for you, will you be at Malvern? I think I was once told that the boxes in the scrap pile were possibly M48ish, but nobody has ever been interested in them over the years. Here's are a pile of bits I have just dragged out of the garage... Here's a closer look at them... Looks like an equivalent to the Clansman IB3 and CB2 made by Royal Ordnance. Some sort of case catcher A mini hoist Looks similar to the filter for a fv430 wiper motor, but the plugs are different. No idea what it
  11. Something a bit different tonight... I believe it is Chieftain related, maybe ARV? Afraid this is my scrap box, No idea what boxes they and have been tripping over them for years. Back to a couple of cables... Some sort of test cables? Dougy
  12. This isn't really a thread to sell the items. I am just going through cables and items that I have no use for that I would like to identify to see if they are worth saving and can be used for their intended purpose. If you have seen a particular item that would be specific for your needs then we can organise you acquiring it. As a matter of interest I will be at Malvern next Sunday Dougy
  13. Here's tonight's cables to try to identify... Not the best pic, but I think it maybe a type of junction for a CVRT? Maybe Larkspur, think both ends were the same and still wrapped in plastic... Has been cut by the looks of it, but interesting plug and has some thing to do with night sights. A length of BNC cable, unfortunately cut, but question is, is it still worth saving? Another complicated looking cable, I imagine some of means of connecting test equipment? Seeing as we have touched on night sight wiring, here's another. Any ideas what v
  14. Well done Andy, but does anyone have a pic or info when and where it would have been used, was it a "cold" "gulf" war thing? Thanks for the info Mark, have had a quick looked at a PRC10, looks like a 50s-70s US radio, used in Korea and Vietnam. Could see a lead like mine, but the one plug that goes to the radio does look very similar. Dougy
  15. Anybody interested in some more pics? Well here are a couple of the missing ones from last night... Sealed in their bags Just about make the label out... As you can see they're not all radio cables, rear lights, but what vehicle? Anyone know what Radiac refers to, is some sort of sensor? Here are couple of "old" looking ones... Looks to be a battery link wire? How about this for a weird one? Shame the rubber is cracking with age. Dougy
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