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  1. The connections on the rear of the laptop. Dougy
  2. Now for the Fax/ printer that came with the laptop, but I'm not sure if the two go together. Thats the printer/fax. Next post the connections on the laptop. Dougy
  3. Managed to take some more/better pics of my Lxi laptop and printer, sorry there are quite a few but I hope they are of interest. Thats the laptop I'll do the printer/fax machine in a separate post. Dougy
  4. Sorry, not the best pics, but I think its the same drive... The part No etc... Showing the terminals... But it came in one of these... And it works! Well works for a bit then the screen goes "fuzzy"! Have got a printer that came with it, but unfortunately no pics to hand! Dougy
  5. Spotted outside Worcester Warriors Rugby Ground tonight Have left the link on the image as more pics on my photobucket page if anyone interested. Dougy
  6. Hello All, I have had these two bits of "radio" equipment kicking around in my garage for a while now. Can anyone tell me what they are or what systems they belong too. I doubt they are related to each other, guess from different system? Thanks for any info Dougy
  7. Dougie the first of the second batch is the only FV431 prototype

  8. Hello All, I have one of these trailers that managed to miss the change to the BDRE role. Can't remember the reg number, might be 27FH16, will check. When I got it, it had a frame on the floor and 3 sets of bracing bars and top bracket clamps. It looks like it all held down 3 parts of the same type kit. It also had a pair of penthouse frames. 2 junction boxes inside the roof, one for a mains connection and one to lights to connect, some lights and a mass of what I would call larkspur wiring. Hope this of some interest, can get pics if required. Regards Dougy
  9. Hello All, Just a thought, as you've mention the black out lights, if your looking for the other end of the interior lights wiring, is it possible that it is linked into a switch on the back door so that when it is opened it turns off all interior lighting. There is something similar on my 432, but i'm sure it relies on a combination of dash switches as well. Keep up the good work Dougy
  10. Hello All, I have finially come round from the Salisbury trip and I think I've got all the dust out my hair now. It has prompted me to get back posting, so I can thank Tony, Jack and everybody involved in making the weekend happen. And a special thanks to Yogi, for letting Ally use your car to follow us about. (by the way, she says sorry as she thinks she didn't move seat back, I know how annoying that is). but thanks again. As of Saturday, we nearly didn't make it. I had my boy for the day, and did want to take him, but thought it was going to be to rough for him as he is still a bit smal
  11. Hello Mike, Just a thought, have you got free play on your clutch pedal. By this I mean that when you start to depress the clutch the first half inch will feel like it's doing nothing then you will then feel the pedal doing something. If you haven't got this free play the clutch system can "hydraulic" meaning that at each operation of the pedal the clutch will hold on until eventually it will slip because the pressure can't release. To give yourself some freeplay shorten the master cylinder pushrod until it's free. Hope this makes sense and helps, if not I'm sure someone else can explain i
  12. Hello All, At the beginning of the year, I wasn't to bothered about going. But as the show has got closer, I thought yes I'm going. This year is the first year we have had accomidate school holidays, so I booked the first week of so the boy and I could bring our Fv432 along. It wasn't until I was filling in the booking form, that to my horror, we can't go, he's still at school the week of Beltring, I've booked the week after, which is the first week of the holidays. This will be the first time I will miss in about 6 years. Make sure you all have a great time, and hopefully if they hav
  13. Hi Berni, Nice to have met you at the show at Cam. What is the earliest acess to the Nibley show, is possible to set up the caravan earlier in the week as I am bringing my son and have found that when I get somewhere with the lorry and him I've got to feed him and get him to bed as he's only 5 and if the caravan was already set up my life would be so much easier, actually how early in the week can I get the fv432 there? Dougy
  14. Hello Jon, Can this breakdown service cover my tractor unit and lowloader trailer that I use to move my FV432 to shows. As when I originially tried to get road insurance with your company so I could go to Beltring I was told you wouldn't cover it as it was non-military and not old enough. Dougy
  15. Hello All, You don't have to wait till Thursday to find out how the RL got out, I ended up pulling it out with my fv432, I also helped rescue I think another 2 RLs and a Commer and the lorry from the Beer tent. Unfortunatly I didn't get any pics of us in action, this is just after parked up next to my caravan in the camping field. This is where I dragged the RL in Berni's pic from Shame the show had the makings of being successful but the weather just didn't let up. The fields were left in a mess and I had abandon my caravan, which I went and collected tonight and there a
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