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  1. The connections on the rear of the laptop. Dougy
  2. Now for the Fax/ printer that came with the laptop, but I'm not sure if the two go together. Thats the printer/fax. Next post the connections on the laptop. Dougy
  3. Managed to take some more/better pics of my Lxi laptop and printer, sorry there are quite a few but I hope they are of interest. Thats the laptop I'll do the printer/fax machine in a separate post. Dougy
  4. Sorry, not the best pics, but I think its the same drive... The part No etc... Showing the terminals... But it came in one of these... And it works! Well works for a bit then the screen goes "fuzzy"! Have got a printer that came with it, but unfortunately no pics to hand! Dougy
  5. Spotted outside Worcester Warriors Rugby Ground tonight Have left the link on the image as more pics on my photobucket page if anyone interested. Dougy
  6. Hello All, I have had these two bits of "radio" equipment kicking around in my garage for a while now. Can anyone tell me what they are or what systems they belong too. I doubt they are related to each other, guess from different system? Thanks for any info Dougy
  7. Dougie the first of the second batch is the only FV431 prototype

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